This is the pilot version of the iPad application "SAMURAI ART" that will be published regularly. The valuable cultural properties, the works of art and ...

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This is the pilot version of the iPad application "SAMURAI ART" that will be published regularly. The valuable cultural properties, the works of art and the old books, legacy of the Samurai Lord Hosokawa family, are now kept in the archive of the Eiseibunko Museum. Those will be published as iPad application once every three months, and the first issue will appear in spring 2011. Treasures of immense price will be yours Eiseibunko Museum keeps about 6,000 works of art and 48,000 historical documents including 8 national treasures and 31 important cultural properties. The legacy of a family that dates back to Warring States Period, such as Letters from Oda Nobunaga, Gorinnosho (the swordsmanship teaching book by Miyamoto Musashi), or the belongings of Gracia Hosokawa, make one of the the most precious collection not only for Japan but for the whole world. We will regularly release to you the selected works of art from the collection. Enjoying the historical works of art by a quite new method Without going out of your living room, you can enjoy the entire artistic scroll of 20 meters, which is exhibited only partially in the museum, by just scrolling it with your finger on the iPad. The painting that could only be seen through the glass, now you can see it wider than the original size on the iPad screen with an ultra-high-density. The historical tea bowl that you could never touch, now you can rotate and observe it 360 degrees, like holding it in your hand. You can get this experience only through the iPad application “SAMURAI ART”. We will continue to take new pictures of the works of art, with the highest technology, and will aim for the real expression. General supervisor, Hosokawa Morihiro The general supervisor of this application is Hosokawa Morihiro, the 18th generation head of the Hosokawa family and chairman of Eiseibunko Museum. He was the 79th Prime Minister of Japan, and after he quitted the world of politics, he is engaged in artistic creation such as pottery, calligraphy and painting. He supervised this application and gave some interesting comments on the works of art. In the future we will have guests from various fields such as historians, artists or writers, to talk about the treasure of the Hosokawa family. Featured Works: -National Treasure Long sword, signed “Mitsutada, Kotoku” with gold inlay -Folding screen of the Battle of Ichinotani and Battle of Yashima -Important Art Object Noh mask, Hannya type -Noh mask, Heida type -Important Art Object Noh mask, Okina type -Important Art Object Black Raku tea bowl entitled “Otogoze” -Illustrated scrolls of the Tale of a Long Night of Autumn -Important Cultural Property Illustrated scrolls of the Tale of Haseo -Dharma, by Hakuin -Dharma, by Hosokawa Morihiro -National Treasure Saddle, Reed script poem design with mother-of-pearl inlay -Tea bowl, Yellow Tenmoku type -Folding screen decorated by fans telling the Tale of Genji


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