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SAT Buzz Flash Cards

************************************ LIMITED TIME ONLY!! 99 cent sale **************************************** This is a new flash card program to help ...

Discontinued App


************************************ LIMITED TIME ONLY!! 99 cent sale **************************************** This is a new flash card program to help you study for the GRE or SAT exam. Vocabulary is an very important part of the verbal section. The app is designed to be be very quick and easy to use. Perfect for quick reviews when you find yourself with a few minutes free. Currently there are 5000 cards more than any other similar app in the store. They are not just random words found in the dictionary but are the most common words found in GRE exam. Features --------- 50 set of words for easy browsing and studying SEARCH function to find specific words or definition SAVE difficult cards to study later DELETE cards that you already know NOTE add your own notes that will show up on the answer side. EASY navigation of the cards by swiping left and right. QUIZ MODE CARD TRACKING Also note this is version 1.5. This is my first app and I will be adding features as soon as I learn how :) Written by Andrew Yu MSIII, Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Technical specifications

Version: 1.6

Size: 1.85 MB


Price: 0,90 €

Developed by Andrew Yu

Day of release: 2009-10-13

Recommended age: 4+

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