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SAT II Chinese

DescriptionThis APP consists one set of a complete Chinese SAT II tests, which is composed of three parts: (1) Listening Comprehension, 30 questions (2) ...

Discontinued App


DescriptionThis APP consists one set of a complete Chinese SAT II tests, which is composed of three parts: (1) Listening Comprehension, 30 questions (2) Grammar, 25 questions (3) Reading Comprehension, 30 questions. There are a total of 85 questions. Student can choose the testing language: Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese. This APP was designed to have two modes: 1)Testing mode Student will be given a real non-stogp test, which will last for 60 minutes. Student cannot STOP/PUASE the voice or reviews the scripts of Listing Comprehension part The answers will be submitted automatically when the time is up The score will be given at the end of the test. The error(s) can be reviewed after the test. 2)Practicing mode Student can choose a part from three parts (listening Comprehension, Grammar, Reading Comprehension) to practice. Student can PAUSE the practice at any time Student can review the scripts of Listing Comprehension Part Student can practice one section over and over again. This APP will give the students a complete and thorough SAT-II Chinese Test practice. It reviews carefully what the students have been learning in Chinese. The APP will also serve as practice book for the Chinese teachers to guide the students in preparing for the test. There will be more tests coming. After completing these practice tests, the students will gain confidence in taking the test. Also, their familiarity of the test format will help them in scoring high points. FACTS ABOUT SAT II CHINESE TEST 1.What is SAT II Chinese Test? It is a test to evaluate the Chinese language proficiency level in the students who have studied the Chinese language in the high school for two to four years. High test scores will help the students in applying for a good college. The test measures an examinee‘s listening and reading ability. It consists of 85 multiple questions, which are divided into three parts. The first part is listening comprehension (30 questions); the second part is grammar (25 questions, with four versions of traditional characters, simplified characters, Pin Yin and Mandarin Phonetic systems); the third part is reading comprehension (30 questions which are in English). 2.What about eligibility and application procedure for the test? Every high school student is eligible for the test. As the test is held only once a year (in November), the students are urged to inquire about the application form in September. The application procedure is the same as that of SAT-II‘s other subjects. Students may take the test several times. They do not need to worry about low test scores because they can request ETS to delete all the record or to keep the highest score. HOW TO TAKE THIS TEST: 1. Find a quiet place to work. 2.Follow directions for each test section. 3.Finish each test in 60 minutes: section 1, 20 minutes section 2 and 3, 40 minutes. 4.Look up the answers, and see how you have done. REMEMBER:THE MORE YOU KNOW ABOUT THE TEST, THE BETTER YOU SCORE! THE MORE YOU PRACTICE, THE BETTER YOU SCORE!


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