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Sun Branding Solutions` Virtual Packaging App – bringing the Future of Packaging to life! This app uses the latest technology to demonstrate ...

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Sun Branding Solutions’ Virtual Packaging App - bringing the Future of Packaging to life! This app uses the latest technology to demonstrate a range of AR functions on our exclusive chocolate box (the artwork is freely available from our website or via the app). Augmented Reality development and integration is a service offered by Sun Branding Solutions within the FMCG packaging industry. We explore 4 areas on the app which combine the varying content and themes that can be used within the retail environment. 1. Product Display When the app is focussed on the Sun Selection box, the full contents of the box are displayed and each chocolate can be selected for a fuller description. 3D models of your products are a great way to show the user what you have to offer inside the box. 2. Brand Education The app will display two videos which, when selected, outline the products journey to date as well as the future life of the packaging. AR is a great way to engage with the consumer to explain brand ethics, heritage, product ingredients and recycling considerations. 3. Sales Promotion Everyone loves a competition! This app features a pop-up quiz which, on answering correctly, gives the consumer a discount voucher to scan at the point of purchase. AR is a unique technology in that the virtual interaction is with the consumers’ real world, making personalisation and brand promotions easier. 4. Entertainment The final element of this app is a gravity based maze game, engaging the consumer in a fun and light-hearted way. Many products want to be fun and enjoyable and games allow a simple way of initiating this on pack. The more a consumer enjoys using your product, they more likely they are to buy your product! The content of the app is all offline and therefore you do not require an Internet connection to use it. All work has been designed to be managed and delivered using our ODIN packaging launch software, more details of which can be found on our website,


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