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SCOtutor for Mountain Lion

â–» Let SCOtutor for Mountain Lion show you how to get the most out of OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. â–» Over 30 lessons with over two hours of HD video tutorials ...

Discontinued App


▻ Let SCOtutor for Mountain Lion show you how to get the most out of OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion. ▻ Over 30 lessons with over two hours of HD video tutorials - "...Professional quality, friendly delivery!!" ▻ SCOtutor Apps have over 500 five star reviews worldwide including... Some general reviews of SCOTutor Apps... ............... "Superb! - Don McAllister is to the video tutorial as David Pogue is to the written manual: clear, concise, articulate, a master explainer." by Nicholas Wagner from United States ............... "Professional quality, friendly delivery!! - You will not be disappointed with Don's ability to break down information and deliver it to you in a way that is succint and on target. There is no jibberish or fluff in his work. When I first switched to the Mac platform his screencasts were invaluable. You found the Guru of Mac tutorial here!" by merk850 from United States ............... "Every prospective or current Mac user can benefit - Don just does a thorough job explaining everything in great detail in just the right sequence." by Paul Rubin Just a sample of the actual 5 star reviews given to SCOtutor Apps from App Stores across the globe ------------------------------------------------------ Let SCOtutor for Mountain Lion show you all the new and improved features in OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion with this indispensable study guide - discover everything you need to know to get up and running with Mountain Lion, quickly and easily. Whether you are new to the Mac or an experienced Mac user, just sit back, and let Don McAllister show you how to get the most out of Apple’s new Operating System , just by following this new study guide, packed with over 2 hours of HD video tutorials, organised into over 30 easily digestible topics. Note - If you're brand new to the Mac, it's recommended that you first view SCOtutor for Mac (see the icon in the sidebar) - nearly three hours of information designed to help brand new Mac users become familiar with their Mac, from absolute first principles. SCOtutor for Mac assumes no prior knowledge of the Mac and is suitable for first time Mac users (or anyone wanting a refresher!). Once you've mastered the basics of your Mac, discover the more in depth aspects of Lion with SCOtutor for Mountain Lion You can even take advantage of its built in AirPlay Setup support and watch the lessons on a HDTV or Projector, and SCOtutor for Mountain Lion even includes optional English subtitles. SCOtutor for Mountain Lion also contains a unique note taking feature. Just tap on the note icon at any time and a notepad will appear, allowing you to take notes or reminders about certain features. Tap another button to enter the lesson name and a timestamp. You can export all your notes for review or to share with others via email. Keep it on your iPad or iPhone as a quick reference guide and when you complete or pause a lesson, the app remembers your position and restarts just where you left it! Comprehensive Mountain Lion Tutorial The HD video tutorial runs for 130 minutes and organised into 30 topics including - Desktop & UI Changes - Notification Center - Configuring Notification Center - Reminder Notifications - Third Party Apps & Notification Center - Suspending Notifications - GateKeeper - iCloud Documents & Data - File Operations via iCloud - iCloud & Keynote - File Saving in Mountain Lion - Remapping File Save As... - Additional File Commands - Third Party Integration & Sharing - Dictation - Safari 6 - Apple Mail - Dashboard Configuration - Update to "File Save As”, The Finder - Local iCloud Documents - Notes, Reminders, Contacts, Calendar - Messages - Adding IM Accounts - New ScreenSavers - Updates to Mission Control - Notification Center Configuration - Security & Privacy - Updates to Time Machine, Full Screen Mode, Screen Sharing - Change Default Save Target - Airplay Mirroring - Power Nap


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