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â–» Learn how to create your own interactive iBooks for the iPad with SCOtutor for iBooks Author â–» Over 30 lessons with nearly two hours of HD video ...

Discontinued App


â–» Learn how to create your own interactive iBooks for the iPad with SCOtutor for iBooks Author â–» Over 30 lessons with nearly two hours of HD video tutorials - "...Professional quality, friendly delivery!!" â–» SCOtutor Apps have over 500 five star reviews worldwide including... ............... "iBooks Author Explained - Excellent, concise tutorials show and tell how to use iBooks Author. Even the most sophisticated aspects of iBooks Author are clearly explained. After exploring this app I am ready to use photo galleries, insert media, create interactive graphics, add 3D models and write review questions for iBooks for the iPad. Narrated screencast lessons are brief, and you can select which segments you which to watch (but I would watch them all). If you take a break and come back later, the app opens to where you left off. Thanks for flattening out the learning curve so this professor can get to right work creating interactive and engaging iBooks." by Omaha Fan from United States ............ "How to publish your own stuff - Apple provides a excellent publishing tool with iBooks Author. Don McAllister provides a top class tutorial on how to use iBooks Author. Don's new tutorial format provides a comfortable learning environment on the iPad ... Enjoyable and of course very successful in its instructional intent . The usual and expected, top quality instructional and presentation content from Don Mcallister and Screencasts on Line. A recommended buy" by Pauljp from Australia --------------------------------------------------------- We take you through the basics of creating your own interactive iBooks using the new iBooks Author application. iBooks Author allows you to create stunning interactive iBooks full of rich text, glorious images as well as groundbreaking new interactive elements. iBooks Author is a free authoring application available from the Mac App Store and is designed to run on your Mac. It allows you to create iBooks to distribute and read on the iPad. It's never been easier to create engaging and beautifully designed iBooks, and now you can include powerful, yet easy to master, interactive elements. SCOtutor for iBooks Author assumes no prior knowledge of eBook creation, and takes you through all aspects of iBooks Author in easy, logical lessons. You can even take advantage of its built in AirPlay Setup support and watch the lessons on a HDTV or Projector, and SCOtutor for iBooks Author even includes optional English subtitles. SCOtutor for iBooks Author also contains a unique note taking feature. Just tap on the note icon at any time and a notepad will appear, allowing you to take notes or reminders about certain features. Tap another button to enter the lesson name and a timestamp. You can export all your notes for review or to share with others via email. When you complete or pause a lesson, the app remembers your position and restarts just where you left it! Comprehensive iBooks Author Training Course The SCOtutor app is organised into over 30 lessons. - Introduction - iBooks Author - Overview - iBooks Author User Interface - Sample iBook - Previewing on the iPad - Misc Controls - Exploring The Book Pane - Creating Your First iBook - Document Structure - Entering Text - Formatting Text - Adding Images - Adding Captions - Shapes, Tables and Charts - Adding Shapes - Adding Tables - Adding Charts - Adding Interactive Elements - Photo Gallery - Adding Media - Audio - Adding Media - Video - Review Questions - Adding Keynote Presentations - Image Widget - 3D Widget - HTML Widget - Linking, TOC & Glossary - Creating Links - Table of Contents - Creating a Glossary - Exporting & Publishing - Sharing Using iBooks Format - Exporting to PDF - Publishing via iBookstore


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