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SCOtutor for iOS6

â–» Let SCOtutor for iOS6 lead you through the new features of iOS6 with this easy to follow study guide. â–» Over 39 lessons with over 90 minutes hours ...

Discontinued App


â–» Let SCOtutor for iOS6 lead you through the new features of iOS6 with this easy to follow study guide. â–» Over 39 lessons with over 90 minutes hours of HD video tutorials â–» SCOtutor Apps have over 500 five star reviews worldwide including these for SCOtutor for iPad... ............... "A must have if you are new to the platform- Anyone who switches to a mac from a pc, or who get's an iPad, gets the same recommendation from me. Check out Don's tutorials. They are all amazing. Even as an expert user, I still watch every one to pick up new little tips and tricks that I may have missed. His "lessons" are clear, well organized and work well for users of all skill levels." - by Loren Finkelstein from United States ............... "SCOtutor for iPad - Like SCOtutor for Lion and SCOtutor for Mac, this is an absolute must!... Don's presentation and skill at making the seemingly complex or forbidding seem a breeze and very understandable is unsurpassed. I learnt a lot watching this right through and I have been using Mac's since 2004 and the iPad since it was first released. What staggered me most is that I was discovering new and better ways to just use the fundamentals of the iPad within 15 minutes. By the end, my understanding of the iPad was easily doubled" - by Nicholas Barnes from United Kingdom ............... "Fantastic Tutorial for Beginners and Advanced iPad Users - I can't recommend this App highly enough... If you've recently received an iPad download this ASAP. I'd had my iPad for a year and a half and still got loads of useful information from this App. A++++" - by WriterGeek from United States ............... "Truly Amazing! - I love this app! The videos are great and informative. I am learning how to use the iPad in a school environment and I have to teach hundreds of teachers how to use the iPad. SCOtutor for iPad has really helped me in learning the basics and applying them in a real environment." by MrHodge from United Kingdom Just a sample of the actual 5 star reviews given to SCOtutor for iPad from App Stores across the globe --------------------------------------------------- Let SCOtutor for iOS6 show you how to get the most out of your iPad and iPhone with this easy to follow study guide. If you're brand new to iOS, download this app as well as the free SCOtutor for iPad app to learn all about the basics of iOS. This video tutorial follows on from SCOtutor for iPad and takes you through all the new headline features of iOS6. SCOtutor for iOS6 is an indispensable guide for all iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users. You can even take advantage of its built in AirPlay Setup support and watch the lessons on a HDTV or Projector.. SCOtutor for iOS6 also contains a unique note taking feature. Just tap on the note icon at any time and a notepad will appear, allowing you to take notes or reminders about certain features. Tap another button to enter the lesson name and a timestamp. You can export all your notes for review or to share with others via email. When you complete or pause a lesson, the app remembers your position and restarts just where you left it! Comprehensive iOS6 Tutorial The video tutorial runs for 90 minutes and covers 39 topics including: - iOS6 Overview - Maps in iOS6 - Introduction to Siri - Mobile Safari - Mail in iOS6 - Shared Photo Streams - App Store - Twitter & Facebook Integration - Guided Access - iPhone Specific Features


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