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NOTE: this is our first app and we WANT your feedback - please help us by telling us what you want to see!

 SEOzio is a free SEO tool that quickly ...

Discontinued App


NOTE: this is our first app and we WANT your feedback - please help us by telling us what you want to see!

 SEOzio is a free SEO tool that quickly analyzes 11 key factors to determine the search engine friendliess of your website (both on and off page). This tool is by no means the end of be all to optimizing your site but is designed to help you get a feel on how well any specific website is optimized for major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

 Why we picked these 11 factors 

PageRank - PageRank is a great way to get a 30,000 foot overview of a site's reputation.

 Backlinks - Backlinks are the lifeblood of SEO and knowing how many backlinks you have is crucial, especially when comparing your site to other sites. 

dmoz - If you are not listed in dmoz then chances are you are not getting listed in many directories. 

Domain age - A big variable for rankings is how long you have been indexed, so it's important to know.

 Recently updated content - Search engines love to find fresh content. If you aren't updating your site, search engines might not be showing the love.

 Title tag - Title tags are very subjective and it's hard for computers to measure the effectiveness of a title tag, so we just use length as an indicator. 

Meta - The biggest problem "optimized" sites have is they over-optimize their meta info. This is why we keep an eye out for problems there.

 Title search - This can often tell us if the site is being penalized. If it doesn't show on the 1st page when you search the title there might be a problem. 

 Body content - Content is king! If you don't know why this is in here you shouldn't be downloading the app!

 What makes this product different then other SEO / Internet Marketing apps? 

- SEOzio analyzes both on-page and off-page factors (e.g. page rank, backlinks, dmoz listed, pages updated, and domain index history)

 - SEOzio is not meant to be a magic tool that instantly optimizes websites, but instead was designed to help users understand a site's particular strengths and weaknesses in seconds.

 - SEOzio is a constantly evolving tool which is always being improved and refined. As the world of SEO develops, SEOzio will develop with it and remain relevant.

 People who should download this app: 

- Internet Marketing Specialists

 - SEO professionals 

- Link Builders

 - Search Engine Optimization Sales Reps 

- PPC Researchers / Analysts


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