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The official iApp of "SEPPmail AG" for decrypting "SEPPmail Gina"-E-mails on your iPhone or iPad. "SEPPmail iApp" enables the decryption of secure messages ...

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The official iApp of "SEPPmail AG" for decrypting "SEPPmail Gina"-E-mails on your iPhone or iPad. "SEPPmail iApp" enables the decryption of secure messages which have been encrypted with the "SEPPmail Gina" procedure and received on an iPhone or iPad. "SEPPmail Gina" is an innovative E-mail encryption procedure that has been invented by "SEPPmail AG". To test "SEPPmail iApp" generate a "SEPPmail Gina"-E-mail: Procedure of "SEPPmail Gina" E-mails encrypted via a "SEPPmail" appliance are delivered to the recipient and saved to their mailbox (e.g. iPhone Mail). When the encrypted attachment is opened, it is transmitted back to the "SEPPmail" appliance via a secure SSL connection and, after the correct password is entered, it is shown in decrypted format. Two-Factor Authentication guarantees message confidentiality and protects e-mails against phishing attacks. "SEPPmail" stands for more than 10 years of experience in the field of secure messaging; the technological leadership resulting from this is recognized the world over. Visit "SEPPmail AG": or the Facebook page: Warning: A "SEPPmail Gina"-E-mail message that has been decrypted by "SEPPmail iApp" remains active in the background and is therefore visible until "SEPPmail iApp" is terminated manually. Alternatively the browsers "Home" button within "SEPPmail iApp" can be pressed which will bring you back to the entry page. Data connection costs: Please be aware that "SEPPmail iApp" has to upload the encrypted attachment of a "SEPPmail Gina"-E-mail in order to decrypt a secure message. Depending on the size of the WebMail the caused connection costs may vary. If a WiFi connection is available it will have precedence. Attention: when abroad "SEPPmail iApp" can cause high roaming costs. Disclaimer: "SEPPmail iApp" has been carefully developed and implements the current technology standards for data encryption. Nonetheless the developer cannot guarantee that the "SEPPmail iApp" is not having any defects. Hereby the developer can neither be made responsible nor any kind of compensations can be claimed. This especially concerns the sensitive processes of decrypting a "SEPPmail Gina"-E-mail, the transfer of the encrypted data and the passwort input process. It is in the responsibility of every user to validate the displayed URL after every step of browsing during the decryption of a WebMail. By installing "SEPPmail iApp" you agree to these terms.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.2

Size: 282.72 KB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by SEPPmail AG

Day of release: 2013-01-11

Recommended age: 4+

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