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2011春夏上海时装周是FACE上海焱广特别ç­–划çš„活动APP。 FACE让这次çš„上海时装周触摸拉动起来了! ...

Discontinued App


2011春夏上海时装周是FACE上海焱广特别ç­–划çš„活动APP。 FACE让这次的上海时装周触摸拉动起来了! 结合了国际和中国最前沿çš„设计师和品牌发布内容以及前所未有çš„感智体验方式。 FACE(4UMEDIA) proundly presents the 2011 Spring/Summer Shanghai Fashion Week in iphone and ipad APPs. The APPs allowed one to discover-self-aware-design features packed with international emerged fashion designers, artists and successful brands.


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