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SGDriving Basic Theory Test Lite

Become a safer driver in Singapore and prepare for your theory test using your iPhone or iPod Touch! "Guys, this is way cheaper than buying the handbook! ...

Discontinued App


Become a safer driver in Singapore and prepare for your theory test using your iPhone or iPod Touch! "Guys, this is way cheaper than buying the handbook! Don't miss this great opportunity!!" This Theory Test application created by EduappSolutions prepares you for your theory test by allowing you to practice the questions and even take a test which is designed to be just like the real test situation! We don't just give you a sample of questions we give you the option to see ALL of the questions, by category. That way you will get to see the questions that you will get on your actual test! Now that may sound like cheating but we want you to be safest driver you can be and learn as much as you can about driving safely and the Highway Code. Features include - - User friendly interface with your progress displayed and test time left. If you stop the test you can continue where you left off ...or start a new test. - Question bank - of over 20 of the latest official questions. Including all categories from the official test! Get the Full Edition now to access over 400 questions! - Practice questions - Select one or more questions from any category to practice & an explanation of the answer will be shown if you get the answer wrong! - Revise images & road signs - Presents you with the entire collection of images & road signs ...that's what basic theory is all about. - Scoring - At the end of each test you are given a percentage score and will know if it’s enough for you to pass or fail. - Test Mode - Designed to mimic the actual test conditions - 50 questions in 50 minutes! Timed so you know how long it’s taken to complete and scored so you know what your pass rate is! - Large Images - Bigger is easier to see on the iPhone screen! - Progress Tracker - Identify areas of weaknessâ€â€and strength & track your improvement with instant analysis... - Favorites - Bookmark questions that are unusually difficult or bound to be careless in! At the end of all tests you can view all the questions you took, see which you got right and which you got wrong. It’s the very best way to prepare for your theory test! --------------------------------------------------------- This is an ad supported version. Buy SGDrivingBTT Full Edition now for a true learning experience! Thank You! --------------------------------------------------------- We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at: eduappsolutions@gmail.com or follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/EduappSolutions --------------------------------------------------------- Check out other awesome apps from us: SG Driving Final Theory and more! **


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