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Structured Mandelbrot set "Far from the traffic jams and the go-go bars, Nitsch takes us into the front rooms of the eight million ordinary Thais who ...

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Structured Mandelbrot set "Far from the traffic jams and the go-go bars, Nitsch takes us into the front rooms of the eight million ordinary Thais who are the real Bangkok: busy, chaotic-looking, organised by an impenetrable idiosyncrasyand unashamedly human." – John Burdett, Author Beyond the skyscrapers and neon signs, which also increasingly oust the traditional cityscape of Bangkok, the photographer-artist grants us an intimate view of the retail businesses that are typical of Southeast Asia and the lives of their owners. For many of them the mostly two-storey shop, that on the lower level is open to the street, is workplace and living space in one. Thus Nitsch’s photographs condense entire lifestyles in cramped surrounding that are often crammed full to the last centimetre and nevertheless radiate an almost meditative peace. With his SHOPHOUSES – 4 x 8 m Bangkok series of works, Nitsch focuses precisely on this dimension. Peter Nitsch’s background is located back in the early eighties of the German Skater scene. He is co-founder of the “Playboard Magazine”, “get addicted to ... DAILY MIX OF CREATIVE CULTURE“, "PIXS-IT", “Rupa Design” and “Rupa Media“, has won several international awards both as designer (New York Festival, BDA ...) and photographer (Los Angeles International Photography Award, Hasselblad Masters semifinalist ...). His work as designer has been in the area of Print and On Air Design for clients such as Universal Studios, ProSieben, 13th Street, SciFi Channel and United Nations. Peter Nitsch is among the advanced representatives of fine art photography in Germany. The cultural process of upheaval in Southeast Asia and especially the conflict between Thai identity and the globalised living conditions in the region are focuses of his photographic work. Nitsch is also a contributor to The SIP (Shpilman Institute for Photography), a research institute that aspires to facilitate, promote, initiate research, open debate and creative work in the field of photography and related media. Peter Nitsch lives and works in Munich and Bangkok. Awards SHOPHOUSES are International Photography Award Los Angeles winner of "Honorable Mention". Features * TIME-LAPSE VIDEO "Hair salon" * Photographs of Peter Nitsch
 * Exhibition preparation gallery * Works in vertical and landscape mode * Exclusive edition * Designed to fit mobile devices * Bookmark the last view * Share with your friends * Rupa Media news feed (apps, design, photography …) * Contact Photographer With friendly support by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Bangkok


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