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SM Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Creatures HD

SM Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Creatures HD is an interactive book on the most amazing and fascinating creatures of prehistoric times. Over 120 dinosaurs ...

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SM Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Creatures HD is an interactive book on the most amazing and fascinating creatures of prehistoric times. Over 120 dinosaurs or other terrible creatures displayed with detailed information, that comes alive with highly realistic 3D that spin at the touch of your fingers. You’ll find all the most important Dinosaurs of the Mesozoic era plus all those Reptiles of the Permian period from which dinosaurs evolved during the Triassic period, and those Mammals that after the mass extinction of dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous, have spread during the Cenozoic assuming gigantic proportions. - More than 120 dinosaurs and other amazing creatures - 360° rotation of the animals in 3D - Size comparison of every creature respect the human body - Over 800 pages of text - Categories index - Chronological index - Geographical index - Alphabetical index - Slideshow - Bookmarks - Offline The book is divided into 10 chapters which group together the different animals in categories of membership within the several orders or geological eras. 1 - Permian Reptiles and First Dinosaurs - Pelycosaurs, Therapsids, Archosaurs and First Dinosaurs Dimetrodon Moschops Estemmenosuchus Lystrosaurus Inostrancevia Desmatosuchus Herrerasaurus Coelophysis Postosuchus Plateosaurus Massospondylus Lesothosaurus 2 - Bird Foot Dinosaurs - Ornithopods Iguanodon Hypsilophodon Ouranosaurus Altirhinus Tenontosaurus Corythosaurus Maiasaura Parasaurolophus Velafrons Saurolophus Shantungosaurus Olorotitan 3 - Horned Dinosaurs - Marginocephalians Psittacosaurus Protoceratops Diabloceratops Pentaceratops Stegoceras Einiosaurus Styracosaurus Coahuilaceratops Pachyrhinosaurus Pachycephalosaurus Dracorex Triceratops Torosaurus 4 - Armored Dinosaurs - Thyreophorans Huayangosaurus Gigantspinosaurus Kentrosaurus Stegosaurus Polacanthus Sauropelta Hungarosaurus Euoplocephalus Ankylosaurus 5 - Long-Neck Dinosaurs - Sauropoda Spinophorosaurus Atlasaurus Omeisaurus Mamenchisaurus Diplodocus Brachytrachelopan Apatosaurus Europasaurus Giraffatitan Dicraeosaurus Amargasaurus Diamantinasaurus Argentinosaurus Saltasaurus Ampelosaurus Isisaurus 6 - Big Carnivorous Dinosaurs - Theropods Dilophosaurus Cryolophosaurus Monolophosaurus Ceratosaurus Allosaurus Concavenator Suchomimus Acrocanthosaurus Spinosaurus Deltadromeus Giganotosaurus Abelisaurus Carnotaurus Albertosaurus Alioramus Tarbosaurus Tyrannosaurus Rex 7 - From Dinosaurs to Birds - Small Theropods, Ornithomimosaurs, Maniraptors Compsognathus Archaeopteryx Utahraptor Beipiaosaurus Microraptor Deinonychus Gigantoraptor Velociraptor Citipati Mononykus Hesperornis Troodon Austroraptor Gallimimus Deinocheirus Therizinosaurus 8 - Flying Reptiles - Pterosaurs Peteinosaurus Eudimorphodon Dimorphodon Dorygnathus Rhamphorhynchus Pterodactylus Anhanguera Pteranodon Quetzalcoatlus 9 - Water Reptiles - Ichthyosaurs, Plesiosaurs and Mosasaurs Tanystropheus Cymbospondylus Shonisaurus Plesiosaurus Stenopterygius Leedsichthys Liopleurodon Sarcosuchus Elasmosaurus Tylosaurus Archelon 10 - Cenozoic Animals - Mammals, Aves and Reptiles Purgatorius Titanoboa Brontotherium Entelodon Paraceratherium Arsinoitherium Carcharodon Phorusrhacos Deinotherium Elasmotherium Doedicurus Homo Habilis Smilodon Mammoth All the paragraphs / dinosaurs of the book can be reordered by category, time, geographically or alphabetically. It is possible to bookmark the paragraphs of each animal to create your own list of favorite creatures.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 188.54 MB


Price: 7,47 €

Developed by simpleMINIMAL

Day of release: 2012-04-27

Recommended age: 4+

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