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SOS Staffing Optimized Solutions

The SOS staffing tools were created as a unique staffing application built to help management and staff assigners make fair assignments and avoid overloading ...

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The SOS staffing tools were created as a unique staffing application built to help management and staff assigners make fair assignments and avoid overloading the staff member (Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Pharmacist,Physical Therapist, Patient Care Assistant, Ancillary Staff or other fields of workers). It also include some other unique features which are described below. Key Features Include: *Easily apply a point system which is used to track assignments and acuity levels. You will be able to utilize colored graphs and a point system to make fair assignments to each staff member. * Each room (object or task) that is created by the user will then be assigned points based on the selections from the categories. This is done by highlighting the points in yellow with the swipe of a finger, then putting a check mark by it and finish by saving it. Once all of the rooms (object or task) in use are assigned their respective points you then assign them to the staff keeping the point system created in mind. This alleviates any overload on a particular nurse or worker and evens out the assignments as close as possible. * Though each day brings on new problems and additions, you should update the app to keep it current for the best possible outcomes. The updates can be done by one person, or you could let random staff members update if as the day progresses or at the end of the shift. * The top category is one that is special and therefore whatever you put in that category may be highlighted in red or green to show them as different. The defaults for this top category are the Core Measures that are mandatory for Hospitals and Nursing Homes. This color identification allows for use of different colors to help identify and make sure the proper documentation is complete on admission and prior to discharge. * Although the default categories are set for nursing it may be edited to your environment where you can create your own room assignments (objects or task), color graphs, smiley options , category options, points ,mandatory documentation reminder's, discharge criteria etc. * Anyone in other Industries needing a unique staffing tool may find this helpful as the program is editable for your own particular environment. * The staff will be relieved to know that the SOS app was created to easily make the work assignments as fair and accurate as possible given the variations which exist from day to day. * The management will be relieved to know there is a unique tool created to help them keep staff,rooms all fairly staffed by keeping safety in mind and speeding up current processes. * Core Measures maybe highlighted and used for documentation reminders for admissions and discharges. * Discharge Planning & other details may be highlighted as reminders for what is needed to be completed prior to discharge. This will help organize and streamline the discharge for a smooth and faster process. * Phone directory with Interdepartmental phone calling that is set up and edited by the users. * There is a note taking section with email capabilities, list task to complete here etc. * There is a log on with pass code to ensure data that is input is done by a registered user. SOS Staffing Optimized Solutions,LLC hopes that you can utilize this unique staffing tool to increase the awareness that you are committed to your staff, that you can streamline admissions and discharges, you find the reminder's helpful. Having a phone directory with your most frequently called numbers will also speed up communicating and make the entire process more user friendly and run more efficiently.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.4

Size: 7.67 MB


Price: 0,95 €

Developed by sos staffing optimized solutions

Day of release: 2012-08-10

Recommended age: 4+

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