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STOCKcalcs - All the stock trading money management calculators you need, with easy to understand instructions and examples, for less than the price of ...

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STOCKcalcs - All the stock trading money management calculators you need, with easy to understand instructions and examples, for less than the price of a coffee. Fourteen calculators are included to help manage stock positions , assess opportunities and manage risk. Money management is one of the most important aspects of successful stock trading, yet it is also one of the most overlooked. Developed by a successful trader and stock broker STOCKcalcs not only gives you the calculators needed to manage risk and assess opportunities in the stock market, it also teaches you how to use these money management techniques to benefit your trading. Simple to use, it will have you thinking about and becoming a more risk focused stock market money manager in minutes. Where needed, the calculators allow for brokerage costs to be included in the calculations. Individual calculators can be reordered so the calculators used everyday can be moved to the top the list. Calculators included: Position size & Value at risk - Estimates optimum Position size and Value at risk based on a percentage of a portfolio’s total value. Return on investment (long and short) - Quickly assess Return in percentage and dollar values based on actual or forecast prices. A very useful tool for range trading estimates. Brokerage and Dividends included. Foreign currency effect - Provides the effect of both stock price and currency movement on total return. Pyramid strategy - Provides the Total Position size, Total Cost, and Average Price Paid for three consecutive trades in a Pyramid strategy. Average price purchased - Calculate the average price paid between a current or existing position, and a new added position. Brokerage included. Loss to recovery - Calculates the percentage gain required from remaining capital to return to starting capital levels after a loss. Percentage stop (long and short) - Calculates the Stop price for a trade based on a percentage move. Compound Annual Growth Rate - Calculate the Compound Annual Growth Rate in percentage terms. Trade series expected return - Calculate the expected average gain and loss across a series of past trades. Rights issue dilution - Calculate the approximate dilution effect from the issuing of new shares under a Rights issue. Market capitalisation, Cash backing, Burn rate - Calculates the Market capitalisation of a company, Cash backing per share, and the number of months to zero cash holdings based on a forecast Burn rate. Future price forecast - Provides a quick estimate of a stock’s possible future share price based on an estimate of the Price Earnings Ratio (PE) and future earnings. Capital raising dilution - Estimated the dilution effect from a capital raising. Barbell portfolio - Split investment capital into three parts: High yield, Cash and Speculative stocks and estimate a return. Help us make STOCKcalcs even better: Feedback and calculator ideas are welcome.


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