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STYLE from TOKYO 2010S/S for iPad

Written in Both JAPANESE and ENGLISH 日英2カ国語併記 Discover21, Inc. Announces Release of Japan`s Only Fashion Blogger and Photographer`s ...

Discontinued App


Written in Both JAPANESE and ENGLISH 日英2カ国語併記 Discover21, Inc. Announces Release of Japan’s Only Fashion Blogger and Photographer’s First Photo Collection Book Available on the iPad . 日本å 一のファッションブロガーが、ディスカヴァーから初写真集ã‚’iPadで発売! Japan’s most unique fashion photographer and blogger, Rei Shito, released her first book, which is available on the iPad. Enjoy Rei’s Harajuku and Tokyo street fashion photography as it can only be viewed on an iPad. Experience the ambiance of present-day Tokyo fashion while listening to Rie’s audio that she recorded herself in Harajuku as you go through the book. Just “tap” and wherever you are in the world, you can experience the “now” of Tokyo. 日本のファッションブロガー、シトウレイが初の写真集ã‚’iPadでリリース! 東京・原宿のストリートスナップをiPadで先行発売します。著者自らが原宿で収録した原宿の雑踏ã‚’聞きながら、東京の個性çš„なファッションã‚’楽しめます。タップすれば世界のどこにいてã‚‚「東京のいま」ã‚’体感できます! â—†About the Author Rei Shito : Rei is a Harajuku fashion icon. Always on the go, she photographs street fashion around the world using her broad network of contacts. Rei’s work is shown on the blog, STYLE from TOKYO, where she shares Tokyo street fashion to the world. Her photography and blog are both domestically and internationally acclaimed. http://reishito.com 著者:シトウレイ 原宿のファッションアイコンçš„存在。幅広いネットワークと軽妙なフットワークで世界各地でストリートスナップを撮り続けている。東京のストリートファッションã‚’海外に発信するブログ「STYLEfromTOKYO」ã‚’軸に幅広く活躍中。国内外からã‚‚注目度の高いフォトグラファー、ブロガー。http://reishito.com â—†Contents include: (2010Spring/Summer) Boys, Japan Fashion Week, Shop & Exhibition, Girls. Language: English/Japanese 言語:英語/日本語 Publisher: Discover21,Inc. 発行:株式会社ディスカヴァー・トゥエンティワン http://www.d21.co.jp


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