Manage your real collection of all 708 Lego Star Wars minifigs from 1999! Just updated with the January 2015 wave and the rest of the 2014 figures. Even ...

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Manage your real collection of all 708 Lego Star Wars minifigs from 1999! Just updated with the January 2015 wave and the rest of the 2014 figures. Even includes figures from the Slave I UCS and Sandcrawler UCS sets! Has original high quality detailed photos only used in this app, and includes hidden heads and weapons. See your entire collection on one page. Understand how figures styles changed over the last 16 years. Has a find figs by set feature, and allows you to mark off favorites, flag special figures, and mark what you own. View all figures in a large scrolling grid! A Universal app for iPhone/iPad! SWMinis is an unofficial app for collectors and fans of Lego Star Wars Minifigures and is not affiliated with Lego. APPLE AWARDS: - A New and Noteworthy App in 8 Countries! - A Hot App! LEGO FAN WEBSITE REVIEW: - This is an excellent app and well worth it if you have any interest at all in Star Wars minifigs.(Brickset.com) USER REVIEWS: - Essential app for Star Wars minifig collectors! Makes it very easy to keep track of what you have collected and what you have to go. (D-Mannz) - A very good app. Well worth the money. I can sort all my Star Wars figures out with the right heads, body's and extras. (Assassin1210) - This app is great for those of us who love SW. Really easy interfaces with great information. Almost like holding the figure in you hand! (Brimc1) - Great pictures of the Star Wars minifigs. Very simple but impressive app that does the job well! (Jameswh22) Safe for kids! - All content is local on the device so you can take your collection with you wherever you go. There is no need for an Internet connection and there are no in-app purchases or advertising. ****FEATURES**** - Mark off what you own and don't own. - Use a five star rating to choose your favorites - Retina Photos of all 708 unique figs from 1999 to March 2014! - Also includes creatures like the Wampa - Super easy and fun - like holding the figs in your hand! - Browse by set, and see figures styles in a set - Has year released, variants, and set numbers - Shows accompanying blaster, lightsaber, or accessory. - Shows head details if hidden by a helmet or for dual head prints - See how many you have overall and for a release year - See just the ones you own on one screen - Use red and blue flags to mark special figures - Awesome new grid layouts let you filter and scroll through a sea of thumbnail pics - Sorted into groups such as Jedi, Sith The goal of SWMinis is to be the most authoritative and complete reference for collectors of Lego Star Wars Minifigs. If you have any correction or suggestion, please email us at ideas@cherryhilltech.com. Thank you! ----------- Legal information: LEGO is a registered trademark of Lego Juris A/S. STAR WARS is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm, Ltd. The character names of the mini figures are trademarks of Lucasfilm, Ltd., many of which are federally registered. Cherry Hill Technology, LLC is not affiliated, connected or associated with Lego Juris A/S or Lucafilm, Ltd. The application, named SWMinis, is not sponsored or endorsed by Lego Juris A/S or Lucasfilm, Ltd. The application is for collectors of the Lego Star Wars mini figures. The creator, Cherry Hill Technology, LLC, has taken all photographs of original figures and accessories and has compiled and created all displays and display lists, whether organized alphabetically or by date released, and has created the favorites, owned, and personalized ratings functions. The creator has used only so much of the trademarked character names as is necessary to properly identify them. As such, the use falls into the category of nominative fair use. The creator is not in the business of selling, buying or trading the mini figures. The app is a resource for collectors. For legal issues contact us directly at ideas@cherryhilltech.com.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1.7

Size: 24.58 MB


Price: 3,33 €

Developed by Cherry Hill Technology, LLC

Day of release: 2011-03-16

Recommended age: 9+

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