The SWS ICAM Incident Reporting application facilitates the reporting, information gathering and investigation of workplace incidents using the ICAM Investigation ...

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The SWS ICAM Incident Reporting application facilitates the reporting, information gathering and investigation of workplace incidents using the ICAM Investigation Model. ICAM is an easy-to-use, effective, proven system used to guide experienced & novice investigators to the root cause of adverse events. ICAM aims to identify both local factors and failures within the broader organisation and productive system that contributed to the incident, such as communication, training, operating procedures, incompatible goals, change management, organisational culture and equipment. Through the analysis of this information, ICAM provides the ability to identify what really went wrong and to make recommendations on necessary remedial actions to reduce risk and build error-tolerant defences against future incidents. ICAM draws on the work of the eminent organisational psychologist and human error expert Professor James Reason (University of Manchester, UK) and incorporates best practice Human Factors and Risk Management principles. The application allows the user to document all types of incidents and record key incident details including date, time, incident location, emergency services required, as well as a detailed description of the incident and other important incident characteristics. This is followed by an identification and assessment of event consequences, both actual and potential including, where applicable, listing injured personnel and documenting their injuries. The application also collects information about the action taken immediately after the incident, actions taken since the incident and provides a customisable checklist of actions which were taken as an incident response. Pictures and documents can be attached at any stage and the an incident report generated within the application and/or emailed as appropriate. Should an investigation be required, the ICAM module is activated. Within the ICAM module the user can follow the ICAM investigation methodology, which includes collection and documentation of the following key pieces of information ... Events leading up to the incident Events after the incident Basic Cause Observations & Conclusions Significant Learnings Most importantly, the ICAM module assists in guiding the investigator in identifying the key Contributing Factors, which are based on a set of pre-defined Contributing Factor Categories. The last and most important step is identifying a set of Corrective Actions which address the identified Contributing Factors, to be acted upon so as to significantly reduce or completely remove the possibility of the incident being repeated.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0.5

Size: 16.8 MB


Price: 116,66 €

Developed by ALADN System Solutions

Day of release: 2013-07-11

Recommended age: 4+

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