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Sailboat Racing

The one and only 3D sailboat racing instructional / practice app! Utilizing rich 3D graphics, the Sailboat Racing App revolutionizes both training and ...

Discontinued App

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The one and only 3D sailboat racing instructional / practice app! Utilizing rich 3D graphics, the Sailboat Racing App revolutionizes both training and learning methods for beginner and intermediate racing skippers through expedient and engaging interactions on this mobile application. Sailboat Racing App teaches essential sailing skills by illustrating the effects of wind shifts and wind shadows on the position and course of boats heading toward the windward and leeward marks. Each simulation pits the user against a computer Artificial Intelligence boat that has been programmed to take maximum advantage of the Windshifts on a race to the mark! Can you beat the computer AI boat to the mark? Do you know how to take advantage of wind shifts to gain an advantage and get to the mark first? Can you cover the AI boat and put him into your wind shadow? These are the essential technique used by advanced skippers to win regattas and by practicing these techniques on this app, you can gain insight and develop the instincts to maximize your windshift sailing strategies. What this app will teach you: - When the wind shifts, when should you tack? - How can you consolidate a gain already achieved? - What side of the course should you be on when the wind shifts? - Should you tack on every shift? - What if the wind is a persistent shift instead of oscillating? - When should you duck versus lee bow your opponent? You have read about the answers to these questions, Sailboat Racing App allows you to "get out on the water" to experiment and understand the how and why. The 3D is the key element in making Sailing Race Instructions an immersive and valuable training tool, allowing users to understand the tricky dynamics of sailing upwind by exploring these events first-hand. Creating a full 3D experience, Sailboat Racing constructs multiple navigational perspectives including aerial, third person, and cockpit points of view while also enabling figure gestures that can look up, down, and around a full 360 degrees. This on-the-boat, 3D simulation produces a realistic sense of the effects wind shifts have on sailboats, thus creating an interactive environment for learning how to harness this wind correctly to keep one’s boat on course. Wind shifts play a pivotal role in operating a destination-oriented sailboat, making Sailboat Racing App an important tool for learning how to recognize, interpret, and respond to strong and rapid changes in wind direction. This application gives users the convenience of practicing sailing maneuvers on the readily available iPad without the expense and hassle of practicing drills on the water, resulting in more thoroughly trained and competent skippers. Available on this release: - Upwind Strategies (Wind Shifts) - Downwind Strategies (Wind Shifts)


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