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__________________________________________ ★SPECIAL SALE OFFER FOR A LIMITED TIME★ __________________________________________ An exclusive Salah (prayer) ...

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__________________________________________ ★SPECIAL SALE OFFER FOR A LIMITED TIME★ __________________________________________ An exclusive Salah (prayer) times app. Shows accurrate times world wide. Including easy to use Qibla compass and image tutorials, for mandatory rakat for each of the 5 daily prayers.   RETINA READY __________________________________________ INTERNATIONAL PRAYER TIMES    · Automatically adapts to your current location · Countdown to next Salah. · Settings for standard and Hanafi asr along with severale calculation methods. · Severale calculation methods. · Nightvision __________________________________________ QIBLA COMPASS · Simple and easy to use.   · Distance and degrees are shown.  · Choose between miles and kilometers. __________________________________________ IMAGE TUTORIALS · Step by step image tutorials guides you through every single mandatory rakat (unit) in all the 5 daily prayers. __________________________________________ ISLAMIC EVENTS • Events and holydays through the year are shown.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.1

Size: 38.96 MB


Price: 1,78 €

Developed by Khuram Sandhu

Day of release: 2012-03-6

Recommended age: 4+

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