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Salary calculator ~ Time sheet, hours tracker

Track your hours from anywhere and guarantee you`re paid accurately for your hard work! Salary calculator is the perfect companion for freelancers ...

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Track your hours from anywhere and guarantee you’re paid accurately for your hard work! Salary calculator is the perfect companion for freelancers and creative professionals to track multiple projects at once, keep hour-by-hour work histories, and track time worked in real time! Salary calculator is a straight forward work billing utility created to give active professionals - anyone who works on contract and bills clients by the hour - a dependable, secure, and well-structured mobile time tracking solution. The application allows users to track multiple current projects, keep a work archive for personal reference, and schedule upcoming projects as well. Organizing many jobs at once is a breeze with Money Earned, and users can sort work by job type, due dates, duration, and more. At the center of the app is the Salary calculator dashboard, which serves as home base for where users can review, input, or edit today’s projects, and view upcoming scheduled work times either by current week or current month. To add a new job users simple enter in a name for their project, decide start and end times, and enter their pay rate per hour. From there Money Earned automatically shows job-by-job duration in hours, and the total earnings users should expect to earn. An Ongoing Jobs tab is available for users as well. This module allows users to track hours worked in real time, acting as a reverse timer that can be started once work has begun and stopped once work ends. The app takes care of the leg work from there, showing users how long they worked and how much they should bill their clients for services rendered. To boot, users can even input up to 5 different overtime billing rates. Creative professionals and contract workers of all disciplines operate in highly performance driven environments. Money Tracker ensures that everyone can have a work tracking solution that’s as dynamic as their workday! Features: - Interactive dashboard (add, sort, filter jobs) - Live job time tracking (ongoing jobs) - Spent time and Earned money charts - Review your earnings for any date - Intuitive and sleek user interface - Text and CSV statistics - Dropbox data export - Password protection - Email data export - Calendar Salary calculator is developed by INTERSOG LLC. Promoted by ComboApp Marketing & PR Agency http://comboapp.com


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Version: 1.0.2

Size: 5.11 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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