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Sales Call Mobile

Sales and service call log entries, organizer, scheduler and report generator with GPS map functionality. Many salespeople are good at what they do. ...

Discontinued App


Sales and service call log entries, organizer, scheduler and report generator with GPS map functionality. Many salespeople are good at what they do. Most of them could be better if they were more organized and could spend their time focusing on sales rather than organization. Sales Call Mobile takes the work out of organizing and allows you, or your salespeople, to focus on what you do best - and what makes you money - SALES! With the built-in calendar, sales calls in need of follow up won’t be forgotten! Your car and your desk will be free of sticky notes and page after page of unnecessary handwritten sales call sheets. Best of all, Managers will be relieved by the fact that their salespeople can easily and neatly send their data as easily as they could send a text. Sales Call Mobile simplifies your job and organizes your sales in a place that you can always find it - on your iOS device! Features: -          Simple sales call log entry screen -          Integrated GPS location, date and time stamp for in-person sales calls -          In app calendar for scheduling recalls -          In app contacts database for maintaining sales contacts and leads - even save photos of contacts or business cards! -          Make phone calls to contacts from within the app simply by tapping their number (just as in the native iPhone Contacts) -          Comment details for each log entry allows for 300 character entry. -          Sort sales call log entries by date, company, contact name or job location -          Sort scheduled recalls by date, company, contact name or job location -          GPS functionality allows you to map out your scheduled recalls, dropping pins on planned recalls -          GPS functionality allows for contacts to be mapped based upon your proximity to them; from the contacts screen, simply hit the map button to determine any previous contacts within 10 miles of your current location. This allows you or your employees to maximize their potential and eliminate wasted time. -          GPS functionality allows you to drop pins on all contacts within a 5 mile radius of another contact. For example, you’re planning to see customer XYZ and you want to see what other existing contacts are within a 5 mile radius of customer XYZ. Simply hit the map button from the XYZ contact screen and a map appears with pins dropped for each contact near XYZ. -          No more paper reports! Simply sort your call logs and send them to your Manager or yourself. Reports are sent in .csv format for use in Excel and Numbers spreadsheets. Reports are viewable on other iPhones and iPads as well! Once the data is exported in this manner, the data can be used and stored for multiple end user functions. -          Ability to text individual log entry data to a co-worker or Manager. -          Default e-mail log send settings. -          Drop down auto-fill fields for quick entry of repeating data. -          Ability to add fields to the log entry screen to allow for customization to suit YOUR needs. -          Ability to edit contacts and their GPS mapping. -          Ability to edit individual log entries. -          Phone calls are not GPS stamped and will not clutter your map with pins made from locations other than customer sites. -          Calendar lists recalls and allows you to check off completed recalls. Get Sales Call Mobile today and turn your iPhone into a money-making organizational tool! You, your paycheck and your boss will notice the difference in no time!


Technical specifications

Version: 1.1

Size: 2.64 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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