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Sales Plus is the personal easy-to-use CRM App to organize your sales success with sales stages. No monthly costs - one time purchase only - then free ...

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Sales Plus is the personal easy-to-use CRM App to organize your sales success with sales stages. No monthly costs - one time purchase only - then free forever. - You can focus on the right sales opportunities with just a few clicks. - Sales Plus has several built in time savers to give you the important facts at first sight and a complete overview of your business opportunities. - It works perfectly with your Contacts and Calendar iPhone Apps. - Install Sales Plus now and grow your business. Great features: CONTACTS CAN BE COPIED FROM ADDRESS BOOK! - Add an opportunity and monetary value to a contact. - Import a contact from your iPhone address book with a single click. - Contact list shows all your contacts, including the deal you are working on, the value, the progress and then date of the next call, if any. APPOINTMENTS SYNC WITH CALENDAR! - Use tasks with or without calendar entries. - Change the calendar entry in iCal, Outlook or popular online calendars linked to your iPhone calendar and see the change immediately in your sales calls overview! SORTING OPTIONS: - Prioritize your next activities by sorting your contacts by sales stage or opportunity value. SALES STAGES: - Use the power of sales stages to structure your sales activities. - Sales stages can be fully customized to fit your personal needs. - Choose the number of stages and the name for the stages. - Adjust the sales stage with a slick slider. STAY ORGANIZED! - Immediately see which customers have no planned activities. - The date and time of your next customer activity is displayed on the contact list for easier planning your future activities. - Easy to navigate: you can edit your contacts and tasks easily and intuitively, or reach the contact screen to quickly call or send a message. ARCHIVE AND STRATEGIZE! - When viewing your tasks in chronological order, switch between future activities and a complete list of past activities. KEEP THE INFORMATION THAT MATTERS! - When adding an activity you have three additional fields: --> Goal - specify the specific goal of this call, visit, email, etc. --> Result - record the result immediately after you are finished with the activity --> Next Step - remind yourself of necessary follow up actions EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS JUST THERE. - When you are editing a task and you want to bump up your contact to the next stage, simply use the slider. Install SalesPlus now.


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