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SalesTrackr Bookkeeping made easy Do your paperwork on the go, In the car, or On your break. SalesTrackr is a flexible, time saving, record keeping ...

Discontinued App


SalesTrackr Bookkeeping made easy Do your paperwork on the go, In the car, or On your break. SalesTrackr is a flexible, time saving, record keeping app for small businesses. Profit or Loss : Know straight away if you are making a profit or loss. No need to wait until your accountant tell you any more. SalesTrackr automatically subtracts you purchase figures from your sales figures and lets you see how much you business is making Instantly. Vat Returns: Enter your Daily Takings figures, purchase figures and SalesTrackr automatically puts them in chronological order. Displays your gross sales and sales net of Vat. SalesTrackr Also shows you purchase figures and the Vat on purchases paid. Making Vat returns very simple to fill out. Email: SalesTrackr allows you to email any figures Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.Straight to you accountant or partner. VAT: SalesTrackr allows you to display Vat on you sales and purchase figures. Meaning you can see all totals with gross Vat and net of Vat and Vat totals. Automatically. Having this amazing flexibility means you have more family time at the end of they day and not stuck infront of a computer entering all your figures. having it on a mobile device means you enter your paperwork there and then or later, But if your unorganised like me, it make life much easier to do it there and then, and putting the paperwork in a box knowing SalesTrackr has its filed and totaled. SalesTrackr allows you to record employee wage details and email straight to you accountant. Daily Weekly or Monthly. Making it easy to keep up with record management SalesTrackr, Bookeepping made easy Input daily sales figures, purchase figures, or staff wage costs. Get daily profit or loss reports. Know how much your making and how much your spending in an instant. Email ALL information simply and effortlessly to you accountant. Keeping you business on Track for success. Enter daily sale figures, set your countries’ vat rate and let Salestrackr chronologically FILE and TOTAL figures, easily displaying Gross totals, Less VAT totals and Net Totals. Making VAT returns a breeze. Emailing them with the push of a button Daily, Weekly, monthly, or yearly to you accountant or partner. Input all your purchases effortlessly let SalesTrackr Total, File, Save chronologically AND Email to your accountant with the touch of a button, Saving you time and money on professional fees. With government introducing RTI for employers to tell inland revenue how much they pay employees as soon as they pay them, SalesTrackr makes that very easy , As soon as yo pay your employee press the button and send the information directly to you accountant, Giving him precious time to keep your business on track. SalesTrackr also offers Daily, weekly, Monthly reports for you to see when you are busy or quiet allowing you to keep overheads to a minimum Always remember to practice this app along with your current way of bookkeeping making sure it works for you. Always ask your accounts advice first. Disclaimer: Salestrackr takes no responsibility for your business bookkeeping.


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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