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Salon Manager is a comprehensive app for stylists, estheticians, nail techs, massage therapists and other personal service providers that is utilized ...

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Salon Manager is a comprehensive app for stylists, estheticians, nail techs, massage therapists and other personal service providers that is utilized to track clients and their visits. A client focused schedule of your appointments is the centerpiece. Sceheduler provides daily, weekly and monthly view of your appointments. Full integration with your client contact info so you can quickly send reminders, record service & product sales and track your important accounts. Reasonable One-Time Price There are no monthly or annual fees to use your app. Easy to Learn & Use Designed with the advice of professionals like yourself the app is easy to learn and use. Keystones and steps are minimized to make entry fast and easy. Help and Support Context sensitive help shows by topic as well as how to videos. Email, text and phone support provides to help with any questions or issues. Tracks Financial Results This comprehensive business app provides complete financial information including inventory control and Profit & Loss Info. All information is maintained on your device and there is no need for connectivity or outside servers as is common with many of the more sophisticated business apps. Highlights: Scheduler - Your calendar on steroids. Select client names from your contacts and add the service information to the appointment. Create reminders, complete and invoice the transaction, view contact management info and send appointment confirmations. All right from the scheduled appoinment. View multiple calendars, set alerts, search history. Contact Management - Store notes, images and track other communications with your clients and have the in app ability to call, text, email or map without leaving your app. Labor, Products & Supplies are maintained in the app with detailed multi-line descriptions, costs, price and units of measure & on hand quantities. These can be added on-the-fly or maintained from your stored items. Receipts are automatically created from and support multiple payment methods and split payments. Maintain PAID and OPEN status of your invoices. Multiple sales tax rate setup is included. Your logo, detailed terms and conditions and other messages are automatically displayed. Images from both the Camera and Album apps may be used for logo's and saved with your client info. Financial Information - Is instantly available for any client, job or timeframe with just a few taps. Information may be viewed on screen or downloaded for further analysis with any spreadsheet. International Currency Dates & Dynamic Type (the ability of the app to change font sizes) are all included in the app. In App Purchases We offer these In-App Purchase Options at a one time charge: Messages & Reminders Create Appointment Reminders automatically from your schedule using text or email. Design All types of messages like appointment confirmations, thank you, follow up & promotions. Designer can insert date & time, client info and your company information. Cloud Sync Automatically synchronize your information utilizing iCloud technology. For up to five devices this In App will keep your business info inSync. Profits and Reports Profits provides a complete financial system that tracks all sales, purchases and expenses. Includes ALL formatted PDF Reports that can be directly printed or attached to emails. Document Manager Document Design & Delivery- Change document field names of invoice and estimate documents, change formats easily with unique design for invoices and estimates. Use your local language and terms. Spreadsheet Download Download your financial info and backup your info in a Spreadsheet format. Backup all of your key data bases to a spreadsheet.


Technical specifications

Version: 10.1.2

Size: 17.33 MB


Price: 6,59 €

Developed by JZ Mobile LLC

Day of release: 2013-04-20

Recommended age: 4+

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