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*SPECIAL PRICE - 50% DISCOUNT LIMITED TIME OFFER! OVER 25 VIDEO LESSONS! MORE THAN 1 HOUR OF LESSONS! ...Learn How to Dance SALSA with STYLE !!! ... ...Extremely easy to follow video lessons !!!... ...Videos are professionally filmed and edited for viewers best educational experience !!... ...MOST PROFESSIONAL SALSA INSTRUCTIONAL APP IN THE WORLD... ...Take Lessons with World Champion - Marie Josee Strazzero... With Salsa Shines, you will learn how to dance SALSA with a real professional dance instructor whom is re-known around the World for her Style and Technique. Marie Josee Strazzero is a Dance Champion, who has won hundreds of dance competition, and is a World Salsa Podium Champion for more then 4 years. She has been dancing since the age of 4 and has her own dance company where she trains thousands of students every year. This iphone app is constructed so you can learn how to dance salsa from the very beginner step, up until the more complex patterns, all in level difficulty order ascending ! Come Learn how to Dance Salsa and Styling with the Beautiful Diva herself, Marie Josee Strazzero ! The level of difficulty is divided into 3 modules: ...This is the BEGINNER LEVEL APP - In this Beginner Level you will learn the basic fundamentals of lady styling salsa steps and you will also learn how to incorporating styling to your movements. Add arm and hand styling to your dancing. Coordinate and style by having fun ! We cover over 25 video Lessons in this app! @Intermediate - Learn how to add body and hip movements in this Intermediate Lady Styling Level. Improve posture and balance. Learn different cross body lead variations with your partner as well as incorporating elegance, sexiness and style to your dancing ! @Advanced - Challenge yourself with the Advanced Level. Learn how to incorporate fancy arm and hand styling as well as different turn variation techniques. Turn with control and learn new elegant and sexy movements. Increase your confidence on the dance floor ! If you dance salsa, this is the App you must have ! Learn how to dance Salsa and at the same time Add Styling to all your Salsa Moves! After completing all 3 levels, you will be dancing salsa like a Professional ! **...MAIN FEATURES ...** ** BIO: Read up a little on your teacher, and realize your being trained by a PRO** ** VIDEO LESSONS: Your library of Video Lessons are all posted here for your educational experience** ** VIDEO CLIPS: Watch world wide performances of Marie-Josee Strazzero, her dance team, and some of the BEST SALSA PERFORMERS performing at her own Annual Salsa Festival: Summer Salsa Festival** ** SEE MORE: Direct link to our Online Dance Academy** If you have Questions or need support with the app, kindly contact us at mjstrazzero@gmail.com You can learn more about our Online Dance Academy at www.mjstrazzero.com


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