Let SaturnMoons guide you to observing Saturn`s complex system of rings and moons. Sky & Telescope`s latest app helps you locate ...

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Let SaturnMoons guide you to observing Saturn’s complex system of rings and moons. Sky & Telescope’s latest app helps you locate Saturn’s nine largest moons with a pinch-zoomable interface set to your local time, guiding you to Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, or helping you try your luck with the fainter moons. The time controls allow you to step through the seconds or hours, or speed through days or even years to see where the moons will be down the line. And you can flip the view to customize what you see through your telescope. Plus, our full encyclopedia section contains fascinating entries and stunning images of Saturn’s bizarre lunar family. Learn more about Saturn’s “death star” moon, Mimas, two-faced Iapetus, and the salty ocean frothing beneath Enceladus’s surface. Please note: this application is designed to work in landscape orientation only so that you may view Saturn, Saturn’s rings, and the lunar family at their best.


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