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Sauga 2030

SAUGA 2030 Department of Unusual Certainties presents SAUGA 2030… an audio-driving tour of Mississauga based on DoUC`s research and speculation ...

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SAUGA 2030 Department of Unusual Certainties presents SAUGA 2030… an audio-driving tour of Mississauga based on DoUC’s research and speculation about the future of this mid-sized Canadian city. As you explore Mississauga, soundscapes, and short radio-play-style stories describe a future that is being written in our present. SAUGA is not fully utopic or dystopic, but a portrait of a city under pressure from its aging population and the cost of its infrastructure. The SAUGA 2030 app guides you to 10 specific sites within Mississauga. At each site you listen to a story that dramatizes what that very place may be like in 20 years time. The stories explore the basic conditions of life within a city, looking at themes like transportation, and emerging forms of community and industry; “…it can be immediately grasped that things have changed…” as SAUGA’s Narrator reflects in the opening vignette. *SAUGA 2030 is compatible with both iPhones and iPads (with 3G connections) *The entire tour takes approximately 2 hours. * SAUGA 2030 is part of the exhibition Meet Us on the Commons at the Art Gallery of Mississauga running from July 21st to September 11th Created by: Department of Unusual Certainties (Brendan Cormier, Christopher Pandolfi, and Simon Rabyniuk) In collaboration with Lisa Conway (Audio design), Stefan Powell, and Adam Hunter (App Design) With the Actors: Brenda Goldstein (Narrator), Adriana Disman, Cara Spooner, Codrin Talaba, D.Alex Meeks, Dan More, Eve Wylden, Lloyd Penney, Jordan Howard, and Ronley Teper Contact: Departement.of.Unusual.Certainties@gmail.com For more information: www.DepartmentofUnusualCertainties.com www.artgalleryofmississauga.com


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