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Scanify Lite: multi page document PDF scanner

...Free PDF app... Install the Scanify mobile app and quickly scan PDF documents directly on your iPhone. This PDF scanning app has been designed to ...

Discontinued App


...Free PDF app... Install the Scanify mobile app and quickly scan PDF documents directly on your iPhone. This PDF scanning app has been designed to save you time in the office or home. Scanify and simplify your documents! Save time by swiftly taking a photo of a document and convert it to a perfectly clear PDF. No more wasted time waiting for the desk top scanner to fire up and slowly print. With Scanify Lite you can produce high quality PDFs in a fraction on the time. With Scanify Lite you can effortlessly convert images of documents to crystal clear flatbed PDFs. That’s right, just like a traditional printer. Scanify Lite allows you to create high quality resolution PDF documents that can be managed and sent to your email or to your contacts by simply touching the screen. Use our precise cropping tool to cut your document cleanly. Your documents are processed with our automatic rendering technology so the best possible PDF version of the document is produced in real time. If you still want to alter the quality of the document we have additional effect tools which allow you to promptly adjust, brightness and contrast. Utilize our secure and robust storage system with the ability to send PDF documents straight to other online/offline storage platforms such as to Google Drive, DropBox and Evernote. You can also share Jpeg versions of documents via social networks including twitter & Facebook! Upgrade to Scanify Plus to easily process and save multiple pages to a single PDF format and allows you to store and manage documents so you can quickly find them whenever you need to. Other features include emailing multiple documents at once and saving documents to your Camera Roll. Scanify Plus even lets you air print documents straight from your iPhone! Features: âœâ€ Convent images to PDF âœâ€ Create files for related document storage âœâ€ Powerful precise cropping âœâ€ Scan multiple pages as one PDF - Plus âœâ€ Email multiple documents at once - Plus âœâ€ Store documents straight to DropBox, Google Drive and Evernote - Plus âœâ€ Share documents to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook - Plus âœâ€ Print documents via air print direct to your printer - Plus âœâ€ Auto correct image rendering technology What would I use Scanify for? âœâ€ To save time from using a traditional bulky time consuming printer âœâ€ Send signed documents when you are on the road âœâ€ Productively get documents back to clients quickly âœâ€ Sign off on contracts, agreements and insertion orders to quickly get business going âœâ€ Manage all your documents from your iPhone âœâ€ Store business documents for instant access âœâ€ Store invoices to reference on the fly âœâ€ Store home & office bills so you know what has been paid âœâ€ Store documents to storage providers. (eg: dropbox) âœâ€ To be one step ahead of others in the office! Help us make Scanify as good as it can be! Please feel free to make recommendations to alter the interface so your user experience is better with every update. ............... Scanify Lite- PDF convertor and storage system ...............


Technical specifications

Version: 1.0

Size: 6.7 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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