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● Scan receipts, documents, contracts, memcon or business cards ● text recognition OCR ● image prozessing for more professional results ● ...

Discontinued App


● Scan receipts, documents, contracts, memcon or business cards ● text recognition OCR ● image prozessing for more professional results ● share the scan dokuments via email, FINARX Fax, Dropbox, Google Drive, iDisk, mobileMe or Box.net FINARX Scan turns your device into a high quality pocket scanner for documents, white boards, flipcharts and more. You can even convert documents into PDF files, clean up images, download files and email your scans. Everything you need in a scanner is right here at your fingertips. KEY FEATURES What makes the FINARX Scan different from the camera in your Smartphone? ◦ 7 predefined image post processing ◦ 4 predefined document sizes and the automatic resizing ◦ automatic and manuell image editing ◦ whiteboard scan option ◦ send the scans as a PDF via email or FINARX Fax ◦ up- and download of scan documents via Dropbox, Google Drive, iDisk, mobileMe, Box.net ◦ text recognition OCR DIFFERENT WAYS TO USE FINARX SCAN ◦ Create a PDF from taken or selected pictures ◦ Correct the perspective bias ◦ Automatic detection of the document corners in the image ◦ Automatic or manual image cleanup: color images of whiteboards and flipcharts or convert images to greyscale or black&white ◦ Send PDF documents as email ◦ Send single images in full resolution as email ◦ Save all images in film roll ◦ Download documents to Mac or PC with web browser (wlan connection required!) ◦ Use OCR to recognize text You’re in an important meeting and the notes that the sales manager is making on the white board would be a perfect complement to that presentation you’re giving to your client tomorrow. Seizing the opportunity, you snap a photo of the board; quickly remove the corners in your picture and save it as a PDF document. In mere moments, you have part of your presentation complete and customer ready. Later, you’ll download it to your computer, print it off and put it together with the rest of your notes and handouts. This is just one example of the many uses of FINARX Scan. This little beauty works for almost anything in your personal or business life. Digitize your favorite recipes, important documents, print pages from books or magazines, flipcharts and handwritten letters. FINARX Scan can even correct perspective bias for you! This app not only captures your images, it also allows you to clean them up. You can enhance the colors or make the background a beautiful, brilliant white to really make your notes stand out. Once you’re happy with it, save the final product, download it to your computer, upload to Google Docs or email it to someone. The OCR feature in this App allows you to convert images into machine-readable text files. The recognized text can be edited, copied and sent as a text file via e-mail. OCR is a text recognition software with components of the leading provider ABBYY. If you buy only one iPhone App this year, make it FINARX Scan. The features and capabilities make it the best value-for-money product available in an application, especially if you work in the business sector. You’ll not only amaze your clients, you’ll impress yourself, as well!


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