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Scene & Heard Lite

Scene & Heard Lite takes a Visual Scene Display approach to augmentative communication. It is a multilingual capable app (by recording your own voice), ...

Discontinued App


Scene & Heard Lite takes a Visual Scene Display approach to augmentative communication. It is a multilingual capable app (by recording your own voice), where teachers, parents or therapists create interactive communication scenes that can speak a message, play a video or link to a new scene. It is all supported by Widgit symbols. Visual scene displays are essential for supporting new communication aid users in their early communication and learning. Scene & Heard Lite provides a way for therapists and educators to explore the flexibility and features of the app in their assessment process. Scene & Heard Lite allows for the use of scanning and switch usage, so would help assessing speech pathologists and educators to see how a client accesses and uses the app. To create a scene with Scene & Heard Lite, simply take a photo and make it interactive. Spoken messages, videos, symbols or a link to a new scene can be added to “hotspots”, or active areas on the photo to create a powerful and motivating communication tool. Scene & Heard Lite can be used as a simple message device, offering an entry level for AAC users, or for teaching the importance of cause and effect. In addition, the application can be used as a multi-scene dynamic system. For example, a person using AAC can use a scene to share their experiences, such as a trip to the dentist, a visit to the museum or playing in the park. Key features of Scene & Heard Lite: - Build ONE scene with vocabulary on the go. Take photos with your iPad or import photos from your photo library. - Record your own voice messages for your scene to make basic requests or share stories - Take or import short video files to allocate to the scene - Choose and use over 10000 Widgit symbols to use to support communication - Create hotspots (tagging a scene) on the scene and allocate actions, so that the picture is interactive - Link scenes - Try out some of the pre-built scenes in the scene library, and then easily create your own scene - Use a flip book or grid view to find your scene - Flexible, easy and fun - Use one or 2 switches using a TherapyBox Switch Box or RJ Cooper switch interface - Use the whole screen as a switch in "touch anywhere" mode. Uses scanning to highlight the active areas and the person using the app can tap anywhere to make their choice. Scene & Heard Lite is designed to cater for a range of needs, starting with simple single message based communication through to sophisticated interlinking of scenes with a range of interactive features. Some ideas clinicians and parents have had so far: - single message communication aid - communication passports - step-by-step videos and instructions for completing daily tasks - use in the community,e.g. ordering coffee - creating therapy tools - teaching basic concepts such as cause/effect - video diaries - home / school liaison - social stories - narrative support - interactive education games - interactive email messages to family/talking video postcards


Technical specifications

Version: 2.5

Size: 98.9 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Therapy Box Limited

Day of release: 2012-01-5

Recommended age: 4+

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