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Schedule Tech app is designed to help you with your business, organisation, community and local shop etc. Schedule Tech is powerful scheduling app, ...

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Schedule Tech app is designed to help you with your business, organisation, community and local shop etc. Schedule Tech is powerful scheduling app, which allows users to be on track with their and their team member schedule shift. Schedule Tech brings your entire team member at one place rather then everyone has to keep tracking his or her shift on different app. Technology makes life easy. No more staff saying, I miss read the Schedule issues! ‼ You experience crash please delete the app & install it again to solve it. You can add staff in your account (*Optional) with their email address, which will allows Schedule Tech app to sends them invitation with their username and password. So they can also login to Schedule Tech app and stay in touch with you, they will be able to view their schedule shift directly from their device. If you having trouble installing or creating a account please contact, enquiry@SabiTech.co.uk as there is no way to contact you back from the reviews. App is design for user friendly - Store Login: - - Setup your account or login to your account. - Sends push notification between iPhones. - Sends messages between staff and store. - Store login has full control over the app and also for those staff, which are assigned, to position (Owner and Manager). - Activation required to verify your account details. - Your staff account is created when adding new team member (login details are only send when staff have their email address entered.) - Customise your Email and SMS message template. - Customise your PDF View. - Customise Date and Time format. - Allow staff to view other Team Members. - Allow staff to view their own pay rate, daily and weekly calculation. - Update Number of holiday allowed in your business and also update hours, which are related with Full day or Half day. - Schedule: - - Add / Edit Schedule shift. - Copy Schedule up-to 7 days shift on the following week. - Break time (break paid or unpaid) in schedule shift. - Add title, description and location in schedule shift. - Send SMS / Email individual schedule shift. - Send reminder push notification for individual schedule shift. - Send by weekly or monthly schedule by email. - Upload into Dropbox account your PDF and Excel schedule files. - Send individual staff their PDF schedule by dates, weekly or monthly. - Print schedule over air printer. - Server update delivered status. (When staff viewed their shift √√). - Staff can comment on their shift (which is confidential between staff and manager). - Calendar view Icons (for Shift & New Shift). - View schedule shift comments added by staff. - Holiday: - - Manager or Owner can book staff Holidays (Full or Half day). - Staff can send you, their holiday request. - Owner / Manager can Approve or Denied the staff holiday request. - Only approved holiday appears in schedule shift. - You can track no of holiday is taken for individual staff. - Staff Login: - - Staff can use Schedule Tech app and get their shift on their device. - Staff can only view their schedule. (which is depending on the position there are assigned to). - Staff can only update their personal details. - Staff can send holiday request. - Staff can send message between store and their team members. - Customise your iPhone calendar to see your shift on calendar (once you have viewed on Schedule Tech app). - Customise alert notification on Schedule Tech app. (which will send you a reminder notification before your shift and keep your iPhone calendar clean). - Staff position (Owner, Manager, Assistant Manager) will be able View, Add, Edit and Delete any Information. - Key • - [√√] Your message delivered & has been viewed. - [√] Your message delivered & waiting to be view. Thanks For All your feedback - We value your comments, please leave feedback. - Schedule Tech will never spam you or share your email address with third parties.


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Version: 2.5.1

Size: 23.43 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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