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We've opened up the Beginner level for all subject areas before purchase. If you've been waiting to try out a specific subject area, but the practice ...

Discontinued App


We've opened up the Beginner level for all subject areas before purchase. If you've been waiting to try out a specific subject area, but the practice mode isn't enough. Then try the beginner level to decide if you want the subject area. ==INTRODUCTION== Schoolhouse s the ONLY App to provide Math, Spelling, Time, US Currency and Sight Word combined flash card study tools using your iPhone or iPod touch. Schoolhouse, offers a great learning experience for your child at home, or on the go, for Kindergarten through 5th grade. Use Schoolhouse to keep your kids sharp on their Math Facts, Spelling, Time, US Currency and Site Words through the summer break. ==MATH TEST== Math Test selects a set of math problems, typically called "Math Facts", and displays them for the student to answer. Each test is completely customizable to focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. The test may be timed and all tests are recorded for historical review. Test results can be emailed to a parent or teacher. ==SPELLING== Test the student’s ability to correctly spell words. The Dolch site words, plus additional words are used to perform spelling tests at appropriate levels for your child at their grade level. Tests are configurable for the number of words, word lists, random order, show helper phrase, show letter count, number of problems, and time allowed. ==TIME== Tests the student’s ability to tell time given an analog clock. The student is presented with an analog clock and must turn the selection wheel to the correct time. Tests are configurable with the number of problems, time allowed, and time resolution (to the hour, 1/2 hour, 15 minute, 5 minute and minute intervals). ==US Currency== Tests the student’s ability to identify coins, give the total value of the coins, make change and identify the missing coin(s). Tests are configurable with problem type, number of coins, max coin amount, number of problems, and time allowed. This subject area only covers US Currency, please let us know what currency we should cover next by contacting us at the support link. ==WORD REVIEW== Word Review focuses on sight word learning mandatory at all elementary levels. The included words are a combination of the most frequently used words in the English language, words that commonly appear in children's stories, words used in written directions, and common elementary content words. Also incorporated in the words are the most common word endings (such as -ack, -ake, and -ump). ==KEY FEATURES== - Create and manage student profiles (Name, Grade level, Picture) - World wide, state and/or region level leader boards for top performers - Fully customizable word list management. The application comes with words based on the Dolch sight word list for grades pre-k through five, however you can add, delete or move the words to different grades and groups to suit your child's needs. - Create and manage student profiles. Assign your own image for each student from your photo library. - Age/grade/level appropriate tests and review - Timed testing - Historical review of all tests - Email results to parent or teacher. - Auditory and visual feedback on test progress and completion. - Remember options on a per student basis ==PRICING== The Schoolhouse application is free and allows you to try each of the subject area in practice mode. However to customize the tests or participate in the leader board competition, you must purchase the subject area. You can do this by clicking on the Store icon on the Schoolhouse screen. Upgrade - If you previously downloaded Flash Bee, the subject areas of Math Facts and Site words should be unlocked as part of the download. If you encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us at the support link.


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