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Fundamental Science Skills is a unique program that utilizes the computer as an instructional tool to its fullest extent. The program contains interactive ...

Discontinued App


Fundamental Science Skills is a unique program that utilizes the computer as an instructional tool to its fullest extent. The program contains interactive learning modules that teach vital skills students need early-on in a physics or physical science course. The program is also ideally suited for home school students, or those wishing to get started on their own physics education program. Each module presents an interactive self-guided lesson providing virtual one-on-one instruction. Topics include: measurement apparatus used in the lab, graphing skills, interpreting graphs, error analysis, understanding the process by which a scientific model is formulated, developing an intuitive sense for the magnitude of various physical quantities when powers of 10 are involved, and common student misconceptions. The topics were selected based upon instructor input of basic skills students were in most need of improving and basic areas where students lacked understanding. Each learning module is comprised of the following components: 1) Introduction Screen: A thorough introduction to the topic is given so that no prior instruction is necessary. 2) Usage Screen: Students are taught the skills required to meet the learning objective along with information on how to use the interactive simulations. 3) Practice Screen: Students practice with graphic-rich interactive simulations that provide immediate feedback on how well the student is performing. Students are presented with many different practice opportunities allowing as much practice as necessary to master the objective. 4) Exam Screen: The on-screen exam tests if the student fully understands and has mastered the learning objective. The exam is automatically scored with the results shown on-screen. Exams use randomized data so the instructor can be assured the student's work is not plagiarized. Learning Modules Included: Measurement Apparatus - Triple-Beam Balance - Graduated Cylinder - Vernier Caliper - Micrometer - Meter Stick Graphing Skills - Graphing Data Points - Linear Graphs Interpreting Graphs - Graphs & Inclined Tracks Game Error Analysis - Mean and Standard Deviation Order of Magnitude (Powers of 10) - Order of Magnitude: Mass - Order of Magnitude: Distance - Order of Magnitude: Speed Formulating a Scientific Model - Ring Challenge Game Common Student Misconceptions - Motion from Different Viewpoints - What is Your Weight in Space? - Weight in a Moving Elevator - Are Heavier Sleds Faster? - Are Shorter Paths Faster? (Crossing a Flowing River) - Motion of a Thrown Object - Heavier Objects in Collisions - How Quickly Do Things Fall?


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