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The most versatile scientific calculator for the iPad and no in-app purchases! Now with query/assignment variables, user defined functions & constants, ...

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The most versatile scientific calculator for the iPad and no in-app purchases! Now with query/assignment variables, user defined functions & constants, Dropbox, and TextExpander support. Expression, RPN & Algebraic modes. The scratchpad for notes, and evaluating equations without the calculator. So many features; d/l the free manual to learn about them before purchase (see link below). Important changes; check the What's New list. New features to come -> watch for updates. Use the scratchpad to work on problems, create and store equations and notes. Evaluate equations within the scratchpad; Just type two = signs after the equation or use gestures, and the scratchpad figures out where the notes end, and the equation begins, adding the solution to your notes. Many, many more functions and constants available in scratchpad equations. The scratchpad text can be synchronized to your Dropbox account. The calculator has many built-in functions, constants and visual memory storage and recall. Define your own constants and functions. The Expression mode of the calculator allows you to input an entire equation before evaluation. This is a great advantage whether adding a series of numbers or evaluating a complex trigonometric equation. The RPN or Reverse Polish Notation mode is loved by many calculator users for efficiency. The Algebraic mode is familiar to users, the standard mode on most calculators. The paper tape tracks your input and results, and can be hidden. The Scientific Expression Calculator is a great calculator for students, engineers and scientists. Comments, questions and problems can be sent to "". Download the free PDF manual by going to The manual is great for learning about all of the features, and the many functions available in the scratchpad. Application advantages:   - three modes for solving equations; the unique Expression mode, Algebraic & RPN   - a scratchpad for storing notes and solving equations - workflow between scratchpad & calculator   - Dropbox and TextExpander support - query variables, and user defined functions and constants Calculator features:   * A full featured scientific calculator with * • trig functions including hyperbolic • ln, log, log base 2, & log base b functions • power functions, Bessel functions, gamma and Gauss error function • and many more functions • 10 memories, fully editable • Answer button; track the most recent solution • back arrow button for correcting inputs • 8 often used scientific constants - earth gravity, univ. grav. const, electron mass, electron charge, speed of light, Avogadro's Num, Planck's const, & the ideal gas constant. And of course, PI. OK, that's 9. • large display for viewing equations requiring multiple lines   * special scratchpad features * • contents can be sync'ed to your Dropbox acct and use TextExpander • functions in the scratchpad for mortgages, math functions and statistics not available in the calculator's keys • "easter egg" functions and constants for readers of the manual or built-in help   * Workflow menu * • Evaluate • Calculator to Scratchpad • Scratchpad to Calculator • Send solution to Calculator: On/Off   * Edit menu * • Copy All • Clear All • Large Text / Small Text • Memories… (directly edit memory values) • VƒC… (directly edit query variables, user defined functions & constants)  * Settings menu * • Calculator Sounds: On/Off • slider: Limit solutions to [0 to 15] decimals • Scratchpad -- Show/Hide, Auto-Capitalization, Auto-Correction, Check Spelling, "." Shortcut • Paper Tape -- Left / Hide / Right, Limit Content to X lines • Dropbox -- Link/Unlink, Sync: On/Off, Ask before replacing: On/Off • TextExpander: On/Off   * Share menu * • Email • Print   * Help menu * tabs for Calculator, Scratchpad, ƒ&C (func's & const's), and Extras


Technical specifications

Version: 2.4

Size: 10.39 MB


Price: 4,19 €

Developed by Azarhi

Day of release: 2010-09-10

Recommended age: 4+

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