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SCOUTPRO CORN- CONSULTANT ScoutPro Corn- Consultant is a user-friendly mobile field scouting app for agricultural consultants. The app assists users ...

Discontinued App


SCOUTPRO CORN- CONSULTANT ScoutPro Corn- Consultant is a user-friendly mobile field scouting app for agricultural consultants. The app assists users in identifying weeds, insects, disease and disorders while in the field. Users are then able to upload important field data, images and notes to generate field specific scouting reports. In addition, the app allows for the aggregations for data and searchable fields to find grower reports from multiple scouts. FEATURES - Easily accessible and simple to use app, designed for the agricultural production industry for use on the iPad2 and newer platforms including iPad Mini. •Step through identification process helps users narrow down pest by identifying attributes. •Provides multiple, high quality photos of identified pests along with pest’s background, life cycle and threshold information. •Ability to generate field specific scouting reports through provided data entry fields including staging of pests, weather, plant population, stand count, pest pressure, etc. •Allows user to upload images to scouting report for better record keeping. •Customizable data fields allow user to add comments and/or directives for the scouted field. •Field mapping capabilities are included to allow cellular data enabled users to map fields, via GPS coordinates for increased accuracy in reporting. •Identified pest are automatically recorded on field map via GPS coordinates, for cellular data enabled users, to help identify concentrated problem areas needing immediate attention. •Scouting reports can be saved, stored on the ScoutPro hosted, company website and/or emailed to be shared or archived for reference in future crop years. •Consultant version allows for the aggregation of multiple users reports, i.e. one business can access the reports from multiple apps through a searchable grower backend system. BENEFITS •ScoutPro Corn- Consultant provides the user with assistance when working to identify field pests or disorders, helping to ensure field scouting and treatment recommendation accuracy. •ScoutPro Corn- Consultant allows farmers and agricultural industry professionals the ability to keep accurate, field specific scouting reports throughout the growing season. •ScoutPro Corn- Consultant’s built-in GPS mapping system automatically records GPS coordinates, allowing geo-reference specific pest “hot spots” in fields, leading to better spraying efficiencies. •ScoutPro Corn- Consultant decreases communication lag by allowing users to input and upload easy to read information and then allowing them to share the information instantly. •ScoutPro Corn- Consultant’s yearly archived data provides users with accessible information to make better information crop input and management decisions for upcoming seasons. WHAT”S NEW •Shape File Upload- You will now be able to upload shape files to the website and transfer your shp. and your dbf. files out of your current mapping systems into ScoutPro for more accurate field boundaries. •More information- We have updated the system to reflect more information and images for broader spectrum of pest identification. •Applicators Record Keeping- Ability to add chemical information and generate reports based on recommendations or as applied information. •Ability to remember email information for a more efficient transfer of reports to growers.


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