Screencast Video Recorder

** Root Needed
** Does not work on Galaxy Nexus or Tegra 2/3
** Samsung S3: Set recording mode to "High" in settings
** ICS+ devices: ...

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** Root Needed
** Does not work on Galaxy Nexus or Tegra 2/3
** Samsung S3: Set recording mode to "High" in settings
** ICS+ devices: Make sure HW Overlay is disabled and "Force GPU Rendering" is enabled from the device's developer options menu

Screencast captures your phone screen at high frame rates into a high quality MPEG4 video with audio. It can also take snapshots of your screen by holding the search key on your phone.

Support forum:

This program includes a gallery to view, play, rename, delete and share your previously recorded videos or screen shots from within the same user interface.

Please contact the developer if you have question or issues, before rating the app low. The developer cannot help you if you only post a review and do not email for support.
You can also hit "Menu" and select "Report a problem" to get support.

**This app complies with the LGPL as it uses libavcodec by FFMPEG for the encoding process. The sources used are from ffmpeg-0.8 release, and compiled without modification.


Technical specifications

Version: v3.2a

Size: 3.3 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Media Solutions

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