ScribeAmerica App This mobile app is designed for both the doctor and the scribe. Its use allows the scribe to reference E&M level criteria, ...

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Description This mobile app is designed for both the doctor and the scribe. Its use allows the scribe to reference E&M level criteria, the doctor to measure scribe performance, and for both to measure the enhanced productivity of ScribeAmerica's Scribe/EMR archetype through commonly cited productivity metrics. U.S. hospital emergency rooms face increasing wait times and decreasing reimbursements, impugning the conventional model of the unassisted physician utilizing the electronic medical record (EMR) as uneconomical. ScribeAmerica℠, LLC, the nation's preeminent medical scribe company, utilizes scribes to counter this trend and enhance physician proficiency by reducing their burden of medical data gathering and entry into EMR, resulting in notable improvements in productivity and treatment times. Backing this effort is ScribeAmerica’s debut of the world’s first mobile Scribe App™ for use with iPhone® and iPad®. This exclusive app launches the Physician Productivity Tool™, Scribe Evaluation Tool™, Scribe 101™, and Doc Talk™. The Physician Productivity Tool™ allows the physician-scribe team to measure its productivity by recording the number of patients treated, admitted, discharged, and the number of intubations, central lines and critical-care notes documented. Administrators can measure the economic value of the physician-scribe pairing at the point of service, thus allowing for optimization of provider-staffing schedules. The Scribe Evaluation Tool™ enables physicians to evaluate their scribe on five performance indicators including punctuality, professional appearance, ability, proficiency, and patient flow management. Scribe 101™ provides scribes with medical procedure notes, medications, and medical terminology. The Physician Quality Reporting Initiative (PQRI), Core Measures, and a quick reference E&M Table reviewing the number of elements needed to code a level 1 through level 5 medical chart are emphasized. Scribe 101™ also allows the scribe to customize an ED Directory and engage Doc Talk™, an interactive game scribes can play to reinforce their medical vocabulary and the nuanced language of oral medical discourse.


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