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SCUBA EXAM - LEARN ABOUT SCUBA DIVING ON YOUR IPHONE! "I would recommend this app to anyone, whether you`re looking to get certified or just ...

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SCUBA EXAM - LEARN ABOUT SCUBA DIVING ON YOUR IPHONE! "I would recommend this app to anyone, whether you’re looking to get certified or just want to brush up on theory and test your knowledge." / "Scuba Exam is a fun application, well thought out and well written. [...] An excellent study aid and great to brush up your knowledge." / - Featured in Macworld Australia #1 2011 - Featured in X-Ray Magazine #40 - Recommended by Asian Diver magazine - As seen on CNET Australia's "Friday App Wrap" APP STORE REVIEWS - "100% !!! - This app is fantastic, I had a few plays before my open water final exam & scored 100%. It allowed me to review the incorrect answers in the manual until I understood. This makes me feel so much more confident & relaxed in the water. Buy it now!" - "Best scuba training app - Great quiz and condensed version of the open water certification book. Best scuba training app on iTunes." - "Great App - Great app to test yourself prior to taking the certification test." - "Wonderfully helpful - A must for diving refreshers and new divers." Do you plan to travel somewhere to learn how to scuba dive? Scuba Exam will help you pass any Open Water Diver course in the world by teaching you basic diving theory and quizzing you on it. By studying with Scuba Exam at home, before your course begins, you won't have to spend as much valuable vacation time studying! Already have a dive certificate but haven't dived for a while? With Scuba Exam you can easily test and refresh your knowledge in a fun and intuitive way! FEATURES - Scuba Quiz with 250 illustrated questions similar to those on the real exam. - Detailed quiz results complete with educational explanations. - A guide and a quiz that will teach you how to understand and use dive tables. - An extensive and easily navigated section with basic scuba diving theory. - A searchable list of diving terms and expressions. - Quiz Stats with your best and average score and time. - The possibility to share your results with friends. - Clean, fast, compact and iPhone-friendly design. - All distances are given in both meters and feet. - High-resolution graphics and images compatible with iPhone 4. TOP QUALITY CONTENT Scuba Exam has been developed by Boboshi, one of Sweden's leading developers of mobile educational applications, in co-operation with Lars Johansson, one of Sweden's most knowledgeable divers with more than 1000 logged dives and over 20 years of experience as a dive instructor. SCUBA DIVING THEORY The theory section will teach you about: Air pressure, safety, dive tables, buoyancy, gas laws, hand signals, diving etiquette, scuba equipment and much more! FEEDBACK Please let us know if you are missing any features or content in Scuba Exam as we will continue to improve it. We always listen to our customers and we strive for perfection! DISCLAIMER This application is for educational purposes only. It is in no way intended as a substitute for a real diving course. Before attempting any form of scuba diving you must complete training with, and receive a valid certificate from, a recognized scuba diving organization.


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