TEACHERS, EVENT PLANNERS AND EVEN KIDS LOVE THIS APP! ------------------------------- ★ "The developer is very responsive and I feel confident that ...

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TEACHERS, EVENT PLANNERS AND EVEN KIDS LOVE THIS APP! ------------------------------- ★ "The developer is very responsive and I feel confident that this app will prove to be the standard for in class..." - Heather Ayers (Middle-School Teacher) ★ "SeatCharter has the potential to be VERY useful..." Rachel ------------------------------- Have you ever been looking for a simple way to use your iOS device to organize an event, a meeting, or even your classroom seating? Are you looking to setup and easily shuffle around your name arrangement with just a tap? If so, SeatCharter is for you! SeatCharter was made specifically with teachers and the classroom in mind, and high quality images of basic classroom items are bundled with this App! In addition to usage in just the classroom, SeatCharter can be used by anyone looking to plan events such as parties or simple get-togethers, or even those looking to host meetings and conferences! This app is extremely versatile with detailed images as well as simple shapes to organize your classroom / event / meeting in anyway that you like! FEATURES: ✔ Easy Add: Easily add graphics that represent chairs, tables, labels and more for your meetings, events, classrooms or anything else! ✔ Save / Load: An App like this would not be complete without the ability to save your work and load it back to adjust later! Easily save your charts and load them back later to adjust or improve your arrangements. ✔ Customized Backgrounds: Customize the background of your room with any pictures from your photo library or use the built in background. ✔ Snap To Grid: Makes it super-easy to line up images for a perfectly organized chart! ✔ Multiple Font Choices: Multiple different fonts to choose from for labeling your Seating Charts! ✔ Shuffle (randomize): Randomize people with the touch of a button without changing the layout of the room. ✔ AirPrint support: Easily print your Seating Chart to any AirPrint capable printer on your WiFi network! ✔ Export your chart: Exporting to your Photos or E-Mailing the chart to anyone just a tap away! SeatCharter is constantly improving and will take any suggestions on how to improve the quality of this App. Feel free to contact anytime with the built-in E-Mail support function! Why wait? Try SeatCharter for your iOS device today! (Idea By: Evan Schweikert) TIPS:

 ☆ iTunes Backup: 
You can Import / Export your saved SeatCharts via iTunes by connecting your device to a computer and accessing it and selecting the 'Apps' tab in iTunes. On the bottom panel, select SeatCharter and you can access your saved work. 


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Technical specifications

Version: 1.4

Size: 2.85 MB


Price: 2,67 €

Developed by CX3 LLC

Day of release: 2011-04-12

Recommended age: 4+

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