--------------------- This new version corresponds to "iOS 9". --------------------- This application software makes it possible for teachers to fruitfully ...

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--------------------- This new version corresponds to "iOS 9". --------------------- This application software makes it possible for teachers to fruitfully record the process of each student’s learning activities and the track of his improvement by accumulating in the software the history of his remarks, activities, and evaluation on him in class. On the screen, teachers will make seating charts from the lists of their students’ names with simple procedure. After that, they can add new information on each student anytime just by tapping the name of each student on the seating arrangements. Furthermore, the additional tools of stamps, comments, camera, and handwriting are sure to help them record effectively. As a result, they can view the records both of each student and of whole the class in the form of timeline. We highly recommend this product to teachers who desire to continuously keep the trustful records and objective appraisal of individual students, or who are eager to make the most of these recorded data beyond the best possible function of records amassed on the paper. Besides, this software lets them keep the records of their own teaching activities and store the pictures of written contents on blackboard or those of syllabus plans as chronicle records of overall instruction. These usages will be very significant in their reviewing and improving daily lessons. This application software, jointly developed by Bunkeido and the society for the study of development of educational supporting system in Gifu University, is the first version of the series of tools to support teachers. ◆Special features ①Inputting seating charts with simple procedure! Teachers can easily make seating charts on the screen from the lists of students’ names. All they have to do is just input the lists of students’ names and select preferable layouts. The software contains many kinds of layouts such as sexes separated, pair seats, trio seats, and so on. Several patterns of seating arrangements, all of which are majorly adopted in school, are available. Moreover, teachers will be able to change students on the seating charts just by dragging. *Instead of students’ real names, students’ numbers or nicknames can be alternatively registered. ②Recording easily by tapping! When making records, all you have to do is just select tools and tap students’ names on sheeting arrangements. For example, utilizing a tool of “stamps” is absolutely useful in recording not only the number of each student’s statements but also the number of his tries to utter. In addition, stamps are instrumental in storing evaluation on him. On the other hand, a tool of “comments” plays an important role in preserving his opinions and his learning activities. Finally, utilization of a tool of “camera” ensures that teachers can save pictorial data such as notes on students’ notebooks or his works. All the records assembled by the full use of these functions will be neatly accumulated in the sheeting charts. By reviewing those records, teachers can elaborately prepare for lessons in the future. Since seating arrangements on the screen are duplicable, it is possible for teachers to own plural charts specialized in subjects or types of activities. ③Browsing data in the form of timeline! This “SeatingList” is capable of administering saved data in the form of timeline. Thus, whenever instructors input new information, all the contents formerly registered on the day will automatically appear. This feature enables instructors to look back on the overall flow of their teaching. If they hope to glance over former records of the specific date, what they need to do is only click the date shown on the screen. This faculty of the software allows instructors to grasp the present situation of their classes.


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0.2

Size: 14.94 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by BUNKEIDO CO.,LTD.

Day of release: 2013-04-29

Recommended age: 4+

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