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Secrets mobile - secure information storage Carry all your important information securely in your pocket with Secrets mobile. Your data is AES encrypted ...

Discontinued App


Secrets mobile - secure information storage Carry all your important information securely in your pocket with Secrets mobile. Your data is AES encrypted with your chosen master password to make absolutely sure that you're the only person that has access to it. Put everything in Secrets mobile: Passwords, PINs, Banking and Credit Card Information, Serial Numbers, Insurances, Project Ideas, Recipes, ... you name it! Everything is entered fast and easy through a clean user interface. Content previews make looking up your clearly arranged information even faster. Every time you leave the app, your data is securely locked. Additionally the app detects if you quickly turn the display face down to protect your information against curious eyes and Secrets mobile will lock immediately. If you copy text in Secrets, this information is automatically cleared from the clipboard after a specified time as you leave the app. Secrets mobile is the safe in your pocket. - It's secure. Secrets mobile encrypts all information with the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard algorithm. There's no chance to read the information from a lost or stolen device without knowing the master password. - It's everywhere. Secrets mobile can synchronize with iCloud, so you have your important information always at hand on all your devices. Of course your data is kept encrypted all along the line. - It's easy. Secrets mobile provides a simple user interface that is clean and easy to use. It puts focus on your content. - It's multi-purpose. Secrets mobile uses free text as item content, so you're not bound to any special kind of information. Just store everything you can think of in Secrets mobile to have it always at hand. - It's orderly. Entries can be hierarchically organized into folders. So build up your own structures that suit you best. - It's retrievable. Use the search field for quick full text searches thoughout all your entries. - It's smart. Turn your display face down to quickly lock your secrets. Additionally it will lock automatically after a certain time of inactivity or in other reasonable situations like being put in the background. Text copied to the clipboard can automatically be removed. - It scales. Driven by a real database Secrets mobile keeps being fast even when containing very much content. We've tested Secrets mobile with hundreds of entries each of them containing text larger than the bible without any performance problems. - It's robust. Secrets mobile uses widely adopted high quality libraries like openssl, sqlite, or boost. It is developed using modern and professional software engineering techniques and everything is well-tested from the ground up. We set a high value on solid and professional code. - It's future-proof. The current version is just the tip of the iceberg. We spent a lot of time creating a solid and extendable base for this software already having lot of ideas for upcoming versions of Secrets mobile. A desktop version is already in the works, but please understand that we can not promise anything about that at this time.


Technical specifications

Version: 2.0

Size: 6.78 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Day of release: 0000-00-0

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