English grammar game app / Available on the iPhone and iPad SenGram is an iPhone and iPad language game which presents pre-prepared sentence diagram ...

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English grammar game app / Available on the iPhone and iPad SenGram is an iPhone and iPad language game which presents pre-prepared sentence diagram puzzles for players to solve. (Please note: this is a fun and educational sentence-diagramming puzzle game, it is NOT a tool which will let you chart your own invented sentences. Players learn by solving the puzzles we have carefully crafted and arranged in an appropriate order). This puzzle game tests and improves your ability to take sentences apart, identify the underlying grammatical structure, and reflect that structure on a diagram. This game will be of interest to students of language (including ESL students), lovers of language and grammar, those sitting standardised tests with a grammar component (e.g. SAT, GMAT, NAPLAN) as well as those who are familiar with sentence diagrams and enjoy completing them as puzzles. The game might be especially useful to those students who are are currently studying a course in which sentence diagramming is used as a teaching tool. --------------------------- Some reviews (US region): Great App by Beezer88 - Version 1.00 - Aug 11, 2012. This is great for teaching how to diagram a sentence. Keep developing!!! :) Spectacular! by Viskid - Version 1.00 - Aug 11, 2012 This application has been used to great effect in my classroom. Used as part of the daily warmup, my kids are becoming so efficient at this oft forgotten skill. 5 stars and a hip-hip-hooray for this app. Worthwhile by GhostGame123 - Version 1.00 - Aug 9, 2012. I teach Latin and a major difficulty is getting the students to see the structure of sentences. The problem, at least in part, is that they don't (or can't) see structure even in English--no one teaches diagramming any more. I'm going to try to incorporate this into this year's classes. Thanks; I'd certainly buy more elaborate versions or buy upgrades in app. Love it! by Louwege - Version 1.00 - Jul 19, 2012 Please continue to develop. Great aid to learning. Thank you. -------------------- Your objective when playing the game will be to place each word in the 'puzzle sentence' in its correct place on the 'sentence diagram'. At present the app includes over 100 sentence puzzles, including: (1) Subject and verb: 20 sentences. (2) Article, adjective, adverb, possessive: 21 sentences. (3) Prepositional phrase, adverbial noun: 20 sentences. (4) Object - direct, indirect: 20 sentences. (5) Linking verb: 20 sentences. (6) Co-ordinating conjunction: 12 sentences. (7) Challenge puzzles: 10 sentences. In addition, there are further puzzles for purchase within the app in the 'SenGram Store'. The style of diagram adopted in this app is known as the 'Reed Kellogg' style, and there are many websites and books devoted to it. In our view this style of diagramming offers one of the more enjoyable ways to test and improve your knowledge of grammar, especially if you have a visual mind. Best of luck! We hope you enjoy the puzzles!


Technical specifications

Version: 3.01

Size: 7.15 MB


Price: 3,73 €

Developed by Soferio

Day of release: 2012-04-3

Recommended age: 4+

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