Sengoku Nyamon

****************************************************** Character becomes a cat "Sengoku Come On" that, Finally become "Sengoku Nyamon - 戦国家紋猫 -" Sengoku ...

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****************************************************** Character becomes a cat "Sengoku Come On" that, Finally become "Sengoku Nyamon - 戦国家紋猫 -" Sengoku easy version! ! ****************************************************** ◆ † ◆ reproduce our hot fight (cat) warlords! Kachisusumeru! ◆ † ◆ Kachisusumeru such as "Battle of Sekigahara" "Honnoji Incident", a dramatic all 12 stages! Crest of warlords famous people appeared next! Clear stage, Sengoku Get Tips! ◆ † ◆ "and also Sengoku Nyamon - 戦国家紋猫 - is? ◆ † ◆ And was featured in the cat family crest, appeared in Battle Sengoku new iPhone! Rely on the crest, trying to tap the enemy soldier! I am careful not to hit the side! It is an action game Sengoku to enjoy, from beginner to advanced! ◆ † ◆ ◆ † app features ◆ I was based on the historical battle ー!ー Provided such as "Battle of Sekigahara" "Honnoji Incident", the dramatic stage 12 all ー easy for beginners!ー I proceed to the next stage while you equipped with level-up system, repeat the battle even for beginners. ー ー versatile stage and music Each stage consists on three sides! I prepared such as "war moonlighting" "naval warfare", the colorful face! Please enjoy the beautiful music and gorgeous graphics vary for each stage! How to play ◆ ◆ † ◆ ◆ † Defeat the enemies that appear on tap in sequence! I'll miss life or reduce the enemy, and defeat an ally! And continuously kill enemies, combo gauge accumulate! MAX's combo gauge is now Ichimodajin mode "invincible"! When you get the "gourd" appears sometimes ...? ◆ † ◆ ◆ cheats hints ◆ † I'll be points added to the total score each time you play! Earn score mode invincible! Level up the total score exceeds a certain number! 'll Score is also added in the game over! The higher its level, stamina and strength combo is up! The second half of the surface will face up the level! App ◆ † ◆ ◆ ◆ † sisters Sengoku Come On


Technical specifications

Version: 3.0

Size: 43.67 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by AppliMart

Day of release: 2012-12-18

Recommended age: 4+

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