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Sequential Spelling V2.0 is an entirely new app delivering our time-tested and highly successful approach to spelling instruction with new supports and ...

Discontinued App


Sequential Spelling V2.0 is an entirely new app delivering our time-tested and highly successful approach to spelling instruction with new supports and features! To those who already own V1.X you are entitled to upgrade from V1.x to V2.0 free of charge. Please contact me at ipadquestions@wave3learning.com with your purchase receipts for V1.X and V2.0 and physical address. For a list and description of new features, please see below. To those new to Sequential Spelling Apps you have come to the right place for your students’ spelling instruction! Sequential Spelling has been enabling struggling spellers and excelling spellers alike to experience great success for four decades. The basis for Sequential Spelling is the Classic Orton-Gillingham approach of multi-sensory instruction. Originally intended for dyslexics, Sequential Spelling has become the gold standard for spelling instruction for all students because of its highly successful approach. Instruction is inductive; we do not encourage memorization of any kind. Repetition and the use of rimes (also known as word families, these are combinations of vowels and consonants that are common throughout a series of words related by sound, not meaning) emphasize patterns related in specific ways to the sound of a word. As students work their way through a series of related words using the same rimes, those rimes begin to have meaning both as writing AND as sound. There is very little stress and anxiety in Sequential Spelling because mistakes are welcomed as life’s best teachers. There are very few tests; there is a simple test of rime acquisition once every 40 days. Each day’s work is an exercise, not a test! The most common question we get about the use of the program is, what about the rules? When do you teach the rules? The answer is not yet. The truth is that there are no hard and fast rules in the spelling of the English language. We invite you to educate yourself in this regard. Perform a google search on “rules of English spelling” or something else similar. You will find answers as various as six rules to over fifty. Every rule has numerous exceptions. As you do your google search, please read some of the “rules”. They are Rube Goldberg contraptions of such complexity that the task of teaching them to young children (and even many adults!) surpasses human imagination! Yet, millions of people learn to spell the English language every year. How is this possible? Inductive learning. Learning by experience. Learning the way the human brain naturally learns, by trial and error, intuition and experimentation. This is how Sequential Spelling teaches and it is why Sequential Spelling has been called “perhaps the only program in spelling which truly works”! Existing Features of the Sequential Spelling App in Each of Its Four Levels 180 days of instruction (a full school year) Fully automated instruction for student accountability and independent learning Daily email reporting to the teacher regarding lessons undertaken and words misspelled. Five evaluation tests for rime acquisition New Features of the V2.0 Sequential Spelling App in Each of Its Levels Access to the Merriam-Webster dictionary / thesaurus for all words to help students understand contextual sentences. Multiple student capability (apps can be purchased in units of one student, five students, or fifty students) Option to skip word/sentence repeat if the word is spelled successfully Rimes now shown in different color to highlight visual rime acquisition Two teachers/administrators can now be associated with each student and receive daily work email reports If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at ipadquestions@wave3learning.com. Note: We NEVER share email addresses or phone numbers!


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