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Adaptable Enterprise Insight Across Your ALM Lifecycle & Tools The Serena Dashboard provides IT organizations rapid insight into their end-to-end ...

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Adaptable Enterprise Insight Across Your ALM Lifecycle & Tools The Serena Dashboard provides IT organizations rapid insight into their end-to-end IT processes. Unlike BI tools that typically take months to deploy or lock IT organizations into a vendor-based platform, the Serena Dashboard provides KPIs and dashboards that are specifically designed for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) processes. Furthermore, all metrics and dashboards are easy to deploy and update - no matter how frequently IT organizations change their tools, processes and development metrics. The Serena Dashboard offers IT organizations key analytical capabilities for both ALM and ITSM processes: Best-Practice KPIs: The Serena Dashboard provides several out-of-the box KPIs and dashboards based on ALM and ITIL best practices, including project status, ZMF instance distribution by application counts, defect escape rate, build success/failure rate, test execution rate, percent of on-time releases, percent of failed packages by stage, and requirements decomposition coverage. Easily Adaptable Dashboards: Pre-configured dashboards can easily be configured and customized in just minutes. Administrators can easily create their own KPI's based on a library of existing metrics, and select from multiple chart types, including bar charts, gauge charts and more. Process-Based IT Metrics: IT organizations can use Serena to view process metrics for each phase and handoff in the application development and service delivery lifecycle - such as how long a release has been in the testing phase, the lag time between testing and deployment, and the biggest bottlenecks across all projects. Enterprise Metrics Across All Tools: The Serena Dashboard allows administrators to report on data from third-party tools across any phase of the application lifecycle. Quality metrics from HP Quality Center are already pre-configured in the initial dashboard views. Mobile Access: IT executives can use mobile devices like the iPad to interact with the latest KPIs and dashboards no matter where they are. With intuitive drill-downs, simple data manipulation and rapid personalization, the Serena Mobile Dashboard makes it even easier to find the right information to help executives run IT more efficiently. Rapid Personalization: Users can easily personalize the Serena Dashboard to quickly access the information they need. They can create favorites, search across shared dashboards and projects, and set up publication of reports. Flexible and Modern Architecture: The Serena Dashboard is based on a modern analytics architecture provides unified lifecycle metrics via the Web. In addition to reporting on real-time data from Serena suites like Serena Development Manager and Serena Release Manager, the dashboard can easily process information from third-party tools through web services.


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