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Server makes your iOS device a multi-user database, and HTTP server for you to use to build your own systems with. Server exposes an API as a set JavaScript ...

Discontinued App


Server makes your iOS device a multi-user database, and HTTP server for you to use to build your own systems with. Server exposes an API as a set JavaScript objects. You can build a database, and start reading and writing data in just a few lines of JavaScript code. You can use the development tool of your choice, as long as it supports HTTP. You can host your programs written in HTML and JavaScript directly from Server itself. For example, to create a table called Customer with a First Name, and a Cell Phone column, you could do this: var tableBuildObj = Builder.CreateTable({ Name: "Customer", Columns: [ { Name: "First Name", ComponentTypeName: "String"}, {Name: "Cell Phone", ComponentTypeName: "WholeNumber"} ] }); To add a record to the Customer table, you could do this: var resultsObj = Builder.CreateRecord({ Name: "Customer", Fields: [ { Name: "First Name", Value: "Demetree" }, { Name: "Cell Phone", Value:"2892892892"} ] }); To read from the new table, searching for all customers named 'Demetree', you could do this: resultsObj = Builder.ReadRecords({ Name: "Customer", Constraints: [{Name: "First Name", Operator: "Equals", Value: "Demetree"}] }); Server's built in HTTP Server is very powerful and supports lots more connections than you'll ever need. It can even host and serve your files, which makes it like any other web server. All you need to to is copy your files into Server's ServerWeb folder. With the web serving feature and the Server API, the possibilities are endless. You can build a fully functional web system with just the Server app, an idea, and an HTML editor. Start Server up and use a browser to connect. When you browse to it, you'll find the API is documented there, with one click access to try out each command. Server is kind of like a NoSQL system, it's kind of like a database, it's kind of like an application server, it's kind of like a web server. While it is all of those things, it really is something you've never seen before. It is intended to be a tool for software developers to build systems with. If you are not a programmer, or or have no aspirations to be one, then perhaps this software isn't for you. But don't be intimidated. Server is a great tool to get started on web development with because it's a unified platform that takes care of a lot of things that other development platforms don't. For example, there are no other HTTP server platforms that include their own tightly integrated database that is served from the same system at the push of a button. If you're going to try to start developing with any other tool kit, there are a lot more components to figure out Don't believe me? Try this then: install just IIS, TomCat, Rails, or Apache without ASP.net, PHP, or JSF, or a handful of gems. Also, don't install a back end database and see what you can do. Oh, and then try that on a handheld. The amount of configuration and tinkering to stand up a web stack is intimidating for a new programmer. Server takes that away. The design approach to creating and accessing data in this system is both very powerful, yet very easy to get started with. Everything is version controlled, and secured. Logical concepts like databases, tables, and rows are represented by defining, instantiating, and relating things together. It's out of the box version history of all data is unmatched by any other RDBMS. The engine driving this software is built entirely in C++ by a very small team, with a desire to build systems a better way. We think we've accomplished our goal. We hope that you try it, and agree.


Technical specifications

Version: 1.41

Size: 15.4 MB


Price: 0,00 €

Developed by Kallergis Consulting Limited

Day of release: 2013-05-3

Recommended age: 4+

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