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The compendium of film sets. Director Xavier Gens („The Divide“, „Hitman“, „Frontière(s)“ amongst others) says: « setscene is the most amazing app for ...

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The compendium of film sets. Director Xavier Gens („The Divide“, „Hitman“, „Frontière(s)“ amongst others) says: « setscene is the most amazing app for directors, director of photography, any member of a film team who want to analyse a film. And it’s absolutely fantastic for the public to understand the work of a film team behind a movie. It’s a endless source of inspiration and knowledge. » Did you ever want to find out what movies are set on an aircraft carrier, at a gas station or in a wine cellar etc.? ▶ Movie sets by category ▶ Sets classified by indoor ▶ Movie, director, genre, year, country, epoch ▶ Currently 260 films of cinematic history ▶ approx. 12.500 sets as pictures ▶ Regular expansion of the database by research project Via the categories interior, directors, country, year of production, genre or epoch you will find the movie sets, which can be saved as favorites. "setscene" presents over 260 films in cinema history with 12.500 sets to get to know. Soon appears a more advanced version, which will offer payed movie analyzes to expand this extensive reference work even more. The images will be displayed in portrait mode with film facts. Switch to landscape mode to view the image full format. All movies can be ordered through a third party. Details of the movies are available via IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes. # What is "setscene" not? It is no geo-tag app. Sets would not be classified as a location, but as a backdrop, movie set. The geographical location is not provided. "setscene" currently analyzing neither the dramaturgical structure, nor the history of a given film. The most important film facts are displayed. If you want to know more, you will be forwarded to IMDb. # What can "setscene" exactly? ▶ Tab "Set" Here you can search systematically for categories. First, choose either vehicles, buildings, landscapes, macro / micro, urban places or water. The subjects are divided into two sub-categories: use and designation. An example: Cafes see buildings / restaurants / cafes. ▶ Tab "Interior" All movie sets in interiors are listed with a concept of space. For example, here you will find films, which take place in a bathroom and so on. ▶ Tab "Search" Via full-text search, it is possible to look for film title, movie set, interior or the text description of the contained sets. Furthermore here you get all the movies on director, genre, year, country, or even epoch of film plot. ▶ Tab "Favorites" Each found set can be added to your favorites, to access it directly later. ▶ Tab "Information" Here you have details of the project, the staff and have extensive feedback options.


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Developed by HZO Film & Medien

Day of release: 2013-07-2

Recommended age: 17+

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