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Find the direction of Mecca and the times of prayer wherever you are in the world with this Arabic-language app. Towards Mecca is ten applications in ...

Discontinued App


Find the direction of Mecca and the times of prayer wherever you are in the world with this Arabic-language app. Towards Mecca is ten applications in one, with added features such as prayer time reminders with countdown, verses from the Holy Quran and Hadith, clickable prayer beads, an interactive convertible Gregorian and Hijjri calendar and many more.   Towards Mecca is brought to you by the Open Dialogue Forum, a U.S. Central Command-sponsored discussion community. App features and functions: -Compass A compass that points users towards Mecca, using the internal GPS it running on the device. -Quranic verses and Islamic quotes Verses from the Quran or Islamic quotes are displayed whenever the compass changes to indicate a new direction to Mecca. Click each passage displayed to receive an explanation on the importance of the quote. -Prayer Times This feature shows the exact five daily prayer times for any day chosen. Option of either 12 or 24-hour time formats. -Prayer Countdown A visual countdown that displays the remaining time before the next prayer time, based on user’s exact location as indicated by the specific device’s GPS. -Prayer Alarm Reminder or alarm for the upcoming prayer. Option to set the traditional call for prayer, “Adan”, as a reminder tone and ability to listen to the track within the app. -Digital Prayer Beads ‘Masbaha’ Digital ‘Masbaha’ prayer beads and a prayer bead counter to keep track of prayers. -Calendar View the date and time according to the Hijri (Islamic) or Gregorian calendar. It includes Islamic holidays, along with notifications. - Ramadan ‘Imsakiyit’ timing Provides users with location-based ‘Imsakiyat’ timing during the holy month of Ramadan. -E-card Send personalized digital greeting cards, selecting a background and a Islamic quote or Quranic verse, via social media or email. -Themes Customize your experience by changing the application background. -Background options A variety of background options and the option to upload a personal background picture. - Prayer preparations guide Step-by-step guide to pre-prayer preparations, a ritual called ‘Woudou’ in Arabic. -Email and social media integration Share the app with friends and family via email and social media. يضع تطبيق شخصيات بين يديك سير أعلام إسلامية لها مساهمات في إغناء التراثين الإسلامي والإنساني. وهو وسيلة تعلّمية تفاعلية تسلط الضوء على أربعين من كبار الشخصيات في التاريخ الإسلامي عارضًا لسيرهم الذاتية، مقتطفات من أعمالهم وأقوالهم فضلاً عن شهادات المفكرين وما قالوه في كلّ منهم. ويتحوي التطبيق على جداول زمنية لكل شخصية تؤرخ بصريًا المعالم والإنجازات المدونة باسمها وعمر كل منها. شخصيات هو تطبيق مجاني يقدمه لكم موقع منبر الحوار المفتوح التابع للقيادة المركزية الأميركية.


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Version: 1.2

Size: 90.26 MB


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Day of release: 0000-00-0

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