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Do your kids fight over toys and activities? Take the fighting out of playing, with SharingTimer™! Pictures of kids make it clear “Who`s ...

Discontinued App


Do your kids fight over toys and activities? Take the fighting out of playing, with SharingTimer™! Pictures of kids make it clear “Who’s Playing Now” and “Who’s Up Next”. Animated timers and sound effects show kids when it’s time to take turns. To set up, just choose your players, activity, and turn length. Press “Start,” and watch kids share like never before! SharingTimer is like having a referee in your pocket! Parents, babysitters, teachers and other adults use SharingTimer to organize play among children. With its large, clear graphics, SharingTimer makes the rules of play easy for kids to understand, so they spend less time fighting, and more time playing! Two different screens are used in SharingTimer: a Play Screen that helps kids take turns when they are playing, and a Setup Screen to customize each round of play. The Play Screen has the following features: * WHO’S PLAYING NOW: This section of the Play Screen shows a picture and name of the current player, a picture and name of the current activity, and the amount of time remaining in the turn. * WHO’S UP NEXT: This section shows the child or children next in line for a turn. * TIMERS: Animated timers show kids how much time remains in the current turn. As each turn ends, sound effects help signal that it’s time to share. * START: Press this button to start the timers, and begin a round of play. * PAUSE: Temporarily stop the clock when play is interrupted. * SETUP: Select this option to access the Setup Screen and customize each round of play. The Setup Screen has the following features: * PLAYERS: Any number of players may be chosen. Use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad’s built-in camera to snap a picture of each player! Or, use our generic illustrations along with any player name you’d like. * ACTIVITY: Select a toy or activity from SharingTimer’s small library, or use a picture of your own. * TIME PER TURN: Use the buttons to add or subtract time in intervals of 15 seconds, 1 minute and 5 minutes. * WALLPAPER: Select the background you’d like to appear on the play screen. * SOUNDS: Select a sound that you’d like to be played whenever it’s time to switch players Using SharingTimer is a breeze! After pressing the START button on the Play Screen, time beings to count down. Animations and sound effects make it clear when each player’s turn is almost up. An END OF TURN box then “pops up” to alert the players when it’s time to share. Buy SharingTimer now for just $7.99, and use your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to help take the fighting out of playing! About Us: Handhold Adaptive® was founded in 2008 by the family of a young boy with autism. We began by making applications for caregivers of those with special needs, including iPrompts® (visual prompting and storyboarding) and AutismTrack™ (keep track of medicines, therapies and behaviors). These highly-rated tools have resulted in news stories around the world, and changed the lives of many. HandHold Adaptive® proudly releases SharingTimer™ to help parents, babysitters and teachers everywhere better organize play among children they care for. To learn more, visit: www.handholdadaptive.com. Facebook: SharingTimer. Patents pending. ©2011 HandHold Adaptive, LLC, all rights reserved.


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